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Why I Want To Delete TimeHop

Forgive me as I am having one of those "moments." For those grieving or struggling, it's one of those out of nowhere moments that just come unexpectedly. TimeHop shared a memory with me last week where, four years ago, I had announced I was changing jobs. My brother commented with "Proud of you. Love you."

And then there it was. A swift kick to the heart. He can't comment like that anymore.

This week, TimeHop shared last year's first posts/pictures about my weight loss. If I am being candid, I am not there as I once was. And, it's been a STRUGGLE.

And there it was again. Another TimeHop reminder that life has changed.

Last May, I started my blog with a post about change. My body had changed so much since babies, and I had worked so hard to see success. I felt great; I felt strong. Then, life says, "just kidding, strong one. Here's a doozy." Enter my new normal - new anxiety and new worry, and the weight came back.

But, with encouragement from my doctor, I had to try some things to keep the worry at bay. In this season of grief, I have two kids who need their mom. I have NO choice but to keep going even when I want to cry and hide. I NEEDED help to be a better mom in this new season of life.

And TimeHop's reminders of life one year ago won't take away the fact that I know I need to be better. Even though being better is taking time.

When you experience the death of a loved one, the life before that loss suddenly seems foreign. And when these flashbacks come up, you are suddenly reminded that parts of that life are no longer; that today is so different. Then, you get that in-your-face reminder that the world is still going while you are holding on for dear life. It can make you feel a bit abandoned - your world isn't like what TimeHop is reminding you of each day. This reminder stings.

While I am not seeing the physical victories I did one year ago, and life is nowhere near where it was, I HAVE to remind myself daily that this is life now. One year ago is no longer in my control - as if life ever is. It's the now that I HAVE to work with and make important. And y'all, I am trying so hard. Grief is not new for me; God will provide just as He has when I lost someone close to me in 1999 and my dad in 2002.

Image Via Lock in Life

And while TimeHop is making me a bit weepy, I am trying SO hard to remember these things.

Though my body has changed, I need to meet myself where I am. And be kind.

In this season of life, I need the help I'm getting to process grief. And that's okay.

God gave me my kids for ME to mother so I need to keep fighting for them.

This grief story is my own. How I grieve is not "by the book" or the mirror of someone else's.

I am not abandoned; God is always, always with me even when I feel like no one else is.

TimeHop will not deter these daily thoughts.

When I started this little blog, I wanted to promote health and fitness. Those feelings will never change because I see the benefits daily. But, my course has changed a bit. It's the mental well being of the busy mom who keeps pushing that is so important to me right now.

I went to the doctor today for a regular check-up, and she asked how I've been. Poor thing. She got an earful. It just wasn't one of my good days, but I am thankful she had such an amazing bedside manner and really listened. Then, I was able to speak to my dear friend Jess who reminded me I am not alone or abandoned. TimeHop can't take these things away from me. Nothing really can.

I just need a minute to be in the now. Not back then. Sure, I love my babies little and I like some of the glimpse of the past, but I love what's right in front of me too. Delete that silly app if it brings you sadness or, hell, delete whatever is in your life that hurts right now. You can always come back to it when YOU feel ready.

That's where grief has led me right now. Today and all the new days that follow.


Recipe Round-Up

Confession: I need to get some eating habits under control. I LOVE FOOD - especially when I don't have to cook it. On the weekends, we can indulge a little too much so when Monday comes, I feel so motivated to start fresh and start clean. And then the cycle repeats. This weekend was no exception - queso, tacos, and birthday cake. I don't like to beat myself up over my choices because I do believe in moderation, but sometimes, I don't like how I feel after too many treats.

So, here's a new week, and I am rounding up some of our recent favorites. Some are clean, some are not-so-clean, but they are made in my own kitchen and sometimes with our garden ingredients. I'll miss my beloved Mexican food, but these are good replacements. Here's what's cooking this week.

These meals all come highly recommended - they have been in our dinner rotation this summer and make great leftovers. And our garden has been abundant so we will add in our fresh peppers and tomatoes when possible. Highly recommend growing your own produce too - such a great family activity plus delish and healthy. I am thinking my hubs needs to write a post on how our garden has been successful this year.

And I've been thinking how I can avoid those unhealthy choices over the weekend, and I am going to switch my grocery day to Friday and include the weekend in my meal prep/planning. What do you do to keep on track during the weekends?

In my dream world, I'd have a nutritionist and a chef to help me be better. But, in the real world, I'll go with Pinterest and the help of some healthy, fit friends!

Have a great week, friends. If you try these recipes, let me know what you think!


The Healthy Mama Series - Meet Amanda

My  Healthy Mama Series keeps exceeding my expectations. These precious ladies are so inspiring not to mention motivating. But what do we do after read these amazing stories? How do we get that motivation to get up and keep going? I think Amanda Ah Sue has the answers. She is joining the series today to push all of us - with a free printable too! 

For me, I love a good workout and squeeze one in most days (for my sanity), but there are other areas where I need a push. I keep putting off big plans because of fear. This post may push me to try harder - so wherever you are in your goals, Amanda wants to help. This post is coming at the right time.

Motivation can be such a beast! You know what to do, but you just can’t get yourself to do it, right? You should be eating better – you should exercise, but you just don’t want to. You’ve lost that motivation to get going.

Why? Because it hasn’t worked in the past?
That doesn’t mean you can’t succeed now. You can absolutely have the healthy, sustainable lifestyle you want! Motivation has 4 steps that make those healthy changes realistic:

Your purpose is your foundation. It will become your drive and push you forward when you want to quit.

How exactly do you find your purpose?
Dig deep! Honestly evaluate what you really want. Do you want to look like those pictures you keep liking on Instagram? Or do you just want to feel more confident wearing shorts?

What impacts the personal, family, social, professional and spiritual aspects of your life? Striking a balance between these will help solidify your foundation. It basically lets you layer your sources of motivation so you have several things pushing you forward when you want to quit.

If you’re ready to hone in on your purpose, download your free motivation worksheet.


We can all agree that nothing happens without taking action, right? It’s important to have a solid foundation, set your goals and make your plans. However, it’s all talk until you do something about it.

Accountability can act as the bridge between “knowing” and “doing.” There’s no right or wrong way to be accountable.

Here are a few examples of ways to stay accountable:

Yourself: calendar, reminders, phone, journal
Partner: regular check-ins, workout partner, exchanging knowledge
Groups: lots of knowledge, group goals, multiple accountability partners

We all respond differently, so find what works for you and stick to it.


Have you ever tried to walk on a balance beam? Think about what it takes to do it:

Clear your mind.
Look at the bar.
Get on the bar.
Raise your head slowly.
Look straight ahead.
Raise your arms for added balance.
Start walking forward.

You can picture it, can’t you?

Now, what would happen if the scenario was slightly different?

All of your friends are around. You get up on the bar. Your kids are begging for your attention. You hear your phone ring. You take one step forward. Someone behind you yells your name. A whole lot of chaos and a lot less likely you’re going to walk that beam, right?

So what was the difference?

You were focused on everything else around you, you stopped looking at the beam and you stopped using your arms for additional balance.

What does that have to do with a healthy lifestyle?

In order to stay motivated, you have to clear your mind, keep your eye on your goal and use the resources you already have.


I’m sure your goal is NEVER to fail after 14 days. Who would EVER do that!? Unfortunately that doesn’t change the fact that too often, we turn to boring, bland diets – only to be disappointed when our results don’t stick.

Here’s the thing: if you want different results, you need a different approach!

Instead of asking “How do I get the fastest results?”
Ask this: “How do I get long-term results?”
When it comes to a healthy changes, my general rule of thumb is that if you can’t do it for the rest of your life, you probably shouldn’t do it.

I know you have the motivation to kick-start your healthy lifestyle, but in case you want some extra help, I created a free motivation worksheet just for you. You can do this!
Amanda is an average, busy 30 year old, works full-time and tries to keep a balanced life. She started blogging because she was sick of seeing her friends and family get frustrated by diets and intense from the start programs that didn’t work. She’s determined to help other busy women create realistic, healthy lifestyles on their own. She’s not a trainer, but lost 30 lbs on her own, has sustained a healthy lifestyle for 5+ years and wants to teach you to do the same.

Do yourself a favor and follow her! Her tips and motivation will help you make that change you need.  Thank you for sharing, Amanda!


My First Blogger Workshop

In April, some Houston bloggers announced they were partnering to hold a workshop on the wonders of Pinterest. Being fairly new to this blogging gig, I knew right away that I wanted to attend - there's SO much to learn, and I am often behind the game. I purchased my ticket knowing it would be so beneficial to my blogging knowledge. And, I am all for a day away with some amazing ladies.

The verdict? It far exceeded my expectations. Having never attended any workshop AND not feeling adequate enough (yeah, I said that. Damn you,  anxiety), I was nervous the day of the event. Yet, I knew learning about Pinterest would help so much as I try to grow. Without sharing the tricks and trades (seriously - go to an event - you'll love it), I just want to share with new bloggers about my experience.

Before I started my blog, I followed other bloggers in my area - through social media and with their content, I found myself connecting to them - mom life, great recipes, hilarious real life stories, raw moments, etc. These mamas have SO much to offer as you develop your blogging voice. When Meg and Moms Without Answers announced this workshop, I set my alarm to purchase a ticket. Fast forward two months, and the workshop happens as does the awe, amazement, and community that comes with it. Follow some local ladies and see if/when they have any workshops/conferences you can attend. And go!

And when you go, be prepared. I came armed with my planner, a notepad, and my computer and used each item accordingly. The best part was getting one on one help with these experts who were able to help solve problems this newbie had been working on for months! Next up, I would love to attend a blogger conference - I can only imagine all the knowledge I would gain. I am on the lookout for anything up and coming.

I will say being that scared little newbie was obvious at times. I didn't know many people, but I was welcomed with open arms. As I can do in new social surroundings, I was quiet - simply taking in all the information and expertise - Pinterest-related and other great tips. And being new to the workshop world, I definitely did not know about the swag. Holy Kendra Scott! There were treats everywhere we turned. Since this workshop was my first, I simply was amazed. See for yourself.

Special thanks to Faison Anne for the pictures. You can see all her great work here:
Facebook: Faison Anne Photography
Instagram: @faisonanne

Make sure to follow the hashtag #performonpinterest to see other photos from the event. If there is ever another event like this one, you must go!

Thanks again, Meg, Channing, and Michelle. You made my first blogger workshop one to remember. I hope there will be another so others can learn all that Pinterest offers - there is such value in women helping women.

And dinner at Vallone's was an added bonus :)


The Healthy Mama Series - Meet Megan

This post in my Healthy Mama Series has special meaning for me. Megan is my trainer, but she's become so much more than that - she is my dear friend, prayer buddy, and encourager. When we workout, we counsel one another and cheer on each other in good times and bad.

I am so honored to share her story. Her story is WHY I make fitness a priority - when your body can change and get stronger, it translates into so much more.  Your mental health improves. You improve. Megan's story has not been without heartache and struggle, and I can't wait for her to inspire you.

I am extremely honored to be asked to share my story with you. Health and fitness have become a huge part of who I am, but it certainly didn’t start out that way. My journey began from a need to be more than just physically healthy. My mental health was terrible and getting worse by the day.

Unfortunately, addiction has touched the lives of many, and it is a big part of how my story starts.  I am a mother of two beautiful daughters, and I also struggled with a dependency to alcohol and with severe depression and anxiety. The alcoholism made me gain a weight because 1. I didn’t care about myself and 2. beer and wine have many calories! Once I got help and stopped drinking, the real battle began.

With nothing to mask the depression, I had to face it head on. Panic attacks and all. I could hardly face the grocery store alone - so the gym? Forget it! Not knowing what to do, I decided to start running bleachers. I thought if I started to lose weight, I might start to feel better about myself. Then maybe - just maybe - the depression and panic attacks would stop. After all, my girls deserve to have a happy, healthy mom. I had to make a change. As it turns out, that one decision to try something different changed everything for me.

The bleachers were a building block. They set the foundation to show me I am capable of change AND that I don’t have to be that sad, isolated person anymore. Hitting the bleachers even when I didn’t want to helped break through the mental barriers that held me back in other areas of my life. Sometimes you just have to fake it ‘til you make it, and that’s what I did. Having my daughters there to watch Mommy be strong was a huge motivator. They need to see me take care of myself. I wanted them to know it’s good to love yourself and take pride in your accomplishments. I stuck with the bleachers for about 6 months until I had shed about 35 pounds.

Let’s be honest - life can be a crazy, loopy roller coaster ride. But for the most part,  I never gave up on eating right and working out. It made a tremendous difference in my depression. I did eventually break down and seek medical help for it, and the doctor strongly encouraged me to keep after my physical health. For the first time in as long as I could remember, I cared about myself and decided to join a local outdoor fit camp.

On the days I didn’t really want to work out, I was still motivated to go because I built relationships with the other fit campers. I wanted to hang out with these new people who became my friends. My kids went with me. The boot camp became family.

After a year of attending, the owner asked me to start a camp in my area. WHO ME? Someone wanted me to LEAD my own boot camp? I was terrified, but I knew I had to do it. This experience brought so much to my life that all I wanted to do was help other moms build their confidence too.

Soon, I was certified as an NASM Personal Trainer and began teaching my own class, Fit for Life - Boot Camp. The girl no one would have ever expected. I am now in the best shape of my life; I have the most amazing bond with my daughters: and I have built friendships I could have never dreamed of having before this transition. To me, these bonds are why health and fitness are more than just looking good.

There is so much out there that life has to offer and sometimes all we need is a little confidence and motivation to be able to go out there and grab it. Society seems to do nothing but teach us to compare ourselves to others and to tear each other down. Fitness is an outlet I want to use to change those feelings. I want all of our children to grow up knowing they are beautiful inside and out. What better place to learn that than from their mom?

We don’t need to compare our insides to each other’s outside. None of us are on the same journey. Let’s be there for each other and be accountable to one another so we can be the happiest, healthiest version of ourselves. Let’s get Fit for Life!

I want to close in saying that if you battle with depression, anxiety and/or addiction, I pray you will reach out. If not first to a doctor, then talk to a friend and know you are not alone!

And a big THANK YOU to Kim for being an amazingly dedicated client, dear friend (and cheerleader) and for giving me this opportunity to share a piece of myself with all of you. God Bless!

Thank you, Megan, for sharing your story. As always, you inspire, encourage, and love - such a great example for all the busy moms out there.

To see more of this series, click the link at the top of the blog to read all the amazing stories of women who have changed their lives for the better. As Megan states here, a transition can occur mentally as well as physically. If you have a story to share, please contact me. We need to keep learning from each other.


Simple Father's Day Ideas

Father's Day is just around the corner, and the kids are ready to celebrate the best guy they know. This day can be hard - and will be hard yet again this year - but, my husband works so hard and loves with all he has. We want to shower him with that love right back! The problem is - he is HARD when it comes to gifts and such. He is a simple man and will say he doesn't need a thing. So, we are planning an easy day of fun, sun, and family. Here's how you can plan a simple Father's Day for your simple guy, too.

{Make sure you check out all of the great links I've shared in today's post - so many good ideas and gift guides to help make this day simple for you as well}

Follow his interests.

My hubby loves to work in his shop and be outdoors. We could get him the latest gadget at Home Deport, but I bet I'd buy the wrong thing. And, I bet he has most tools a man could ever need. He can do without dinners out or big celebrations, so we are staying put. The pool. The grill. The kids. That's all he wants. But, maybe your hubs wants adventure or a nice dinner out. If that's for him, look for a fun kid-friendly restaurant and have some fun. Just ask what he would like to do and go!

Involve the kids.

My son is so excited for Father's Day as he knows it's the perfect day to tell his dad how great he is. He knows Dad wants some fun in the sun, so he came up with a great idea to get him this Pool Basketball Hoop to add to our day. I love that his little guy came up with this gift all on his own - the excitement itself will make the best present.

Or, get crafty. We have made some cute Father's Day gifts in the past, so we are searching for some more. Their dad loves to display any handmade gift in his office for the world to see, and when the kids visit, they love seeing their work, and their dad showing it off for his coworkers. Check out these links for some easy Father's Day gifts the kids can do.

Make his favorite treat.

Baking is the way to my guy's heart, and he has some specific favorites. Most importantly, anything pineapple and anything cheesecake. Through a recent link-up, I found these treats that will make him drool.

Take it easy.

Sundays are made for rest, and that's just what this dad needs. He works long hours yet comes home to kids who barely let him in the door to unwind from his crazy day. Yet, he never complains - just picks them up making their whole world better. He gives to us day in and day out, so if he wants a simple day at home, that's just what he's going to get!


If you are looking for a bit more, check out the following Father's Day Gift Guides. These great ideas are perfect for any dad.

Image via Juggling Act Mama

Happy Father's Day to all the great dads out there! And to those who have fathers in Heaven, my love and prayers are with all of you.

And, you may have noticed some changes around here. I am SO excited to clean up this space and make it more classic and simple. Special thanks to  Get Polished for the new design - Chelsea was great to work with and helped a great deal. Highly recommend!

What do you think? Change is good :)


How To Get Out Of The Mom Funk

Oh heavens, it's been a whole week out of school and while we are enjoying some freedom, there's been some laziness. These lazy days are much needed, but I'm ready to tackle my Summer Bucket List and simply get out of the mom funk stat. I'm not talking big events and adventures every single day; I just need to snap out of the tired and into the fun.

What do you do when you are feeling tired and funky? I'm about to put my best practices to work and wanted to share some with all of you. Here's what's about to happen up in the Reed casa.

Get Up Earlier.

Now, I am not talking 5 am - just get up a bit before the kids. I don't know about you, but when I have a kid in my face before I can come to consciousness, it startles me into the day. I like a slow wake-up so I can stretch, pray, and drink my beloved coffee. Another great tip - make your bed. Most days, making my bed is the only cleaning I get done so it makes me feel like I conquered the world.

Move It. Move It.

Fitness gets my blood pumping and reminds me how strong I am. But, to be honest, my early morning workouts aren't happening. Mama wants to sleep in on summer days too. Then what? Join a gym with free child care. Swim. Go for an evening stroll. Meet friends at the park and chase those kids around.  If you can find a tough boot camp class, fitness class at the gym, or CrossFit, go try it. A good, strength training workout does wonders not just for your body but for that tired mama mind too.

Get Creative.

This one is tough for me because I am not much of a DIY'er though I try! Writing is my creative outlet, and when it's nap/rest time, that's just what I do. I love coming to my little blog and getting words out - I can't paint or knit to save my life, but I feel creative when I write. In fact, this blog means so much to me because of its therapy that I am about to change up things. Can't wait for what's in store in my little corner.

But, maybe you're craftier than me - tackle that DIY project you've been thinking of for so long. Involve your kids too - a great summer activity is sitting outside in the late afternoon and going crazy with sidewalk chalk. When you can get those creative juices going, it's a mood-booster. Pinterest is the hub for all things creative - pin some favorites and get going.

Get Dressed.

For 12 years, I got up each morning, dressed for work, and hit the road. When I started staying at home, I fell into my comfy yoga pants and that messy mom bun.  I am 100% in support of this get-up, but there are some days I need to feel like a human - not just a tired mom. Just a cute casual graphic tee can work or maybe a simple sundress. I don't have much of a make-up routine, but when I put on a little something with my comfy casualwear, I feel tons better. It's just finding that time to get dressed before this little one hits the ground running. Another good reason to get up a bit earlier too!

Get Out.

Now, you're dressed. You've got a touch of something on your face. Go do something. A park trip, a lunch date (where are my Chick Fil A moms??), take the kids to the library, grab a frap and walk around Target. Anything to get out and see the world. I do love our lazy pajama days at home, but when you get out, it expands those four walls that sometimes get a little too close and affect our moods. Like in my bucket list, we plan on one big adventure each week, and while it will be HOT, I know we will need to see the world around us.

I would love to hear how you get out of your slumps. Routines? Can't live without life hacks? I will take all the advice I can get - let's share!


The Healthy Mama Series - Meet Tajuana

A new week is upon us - a new week to get prepared and motivated. I am so excited to have Tajuana here to share how she keeps herself in check and motivated every single day. In today's world, it's so easy to get wrapped up in who is doing what and why you aren't there yet. Tajuana puts that all in perspective. Welcome her and enjoy her words for this week's Healthy Mama Series.

Have you ever been on the highway in your zone and then all of a sudden another car comes over at full speed, right in front of you, and nearly cuts you off? All of this happening without warning, no signal lights, no sight of them in your blind spot, NOTHING!  I’m sure we all have been in that situation.  To be honest with you, being either driver is very scary! Your life is no longer the only one at stake, now others are involved. My solution to that is….STAY IN YOUR LANE.

This concept also applies to life.  We all need to focus on our own race of life and not become distracted by others.  We are all on our own journey.  I have tied this into my health and fitness journey.  I have had to tell myself, “STAY IN YOUR LANE,” more times than I care to admit!  I look at others and say, “why is this exercise so easy for them and not for me? How is that they can eat ANYTHING and not gain a pound, not even an inch?” I have to constantly remind myself that the only circumstances that I am fully aware of, at the present moment, are mine and mine alone. I don’t know why certain people cannot gain weight (maybe they have a condition that stops them from putting on pounds). I don’t know why certain people can keep up with different exercises (maybe they are trained dancers). I just don’t know. I only know what I see in front of me and that is only a minuscule part of their story.

// Source //
The older I get, the more I realize that people only share what they want you to know. No joke! A lot of people are extremely private and choose to keep things to themselves.  With age, comes wisdom.  In our modern day, technology has taken over our lives…or so it seems.  Can you say social media? Social Media is the one place you can go if you want to not be in your own lane.

Another lesson I’ve learned since aging is that the perfect pictures displayed on social media are not the real thing.  Again, people only share what they want you to know. Now, don’t get me wrong, some things are true, raw, and honest.   Those are the posts that I am drawn to, especially those related to health and fitness.  We all have bad days, and it’s nice to see when others admit to having not so good days too, whether it’s the unhealthy food that they ate or the workout that they missed.

I like to take that route when sharing my journey. I strive to be true, real, and honest with my sharing. I can only do this by staying in my own lane. How am I to focus on my own journey and progress if I am constantly worrying about others’ journeys?  I can’t; it’s one or the other.  I have been practicing to train my mind (the most powerful muscle and worst enemy) to keep focused and to stay in my lane.  It is not an easy task; it requires daily reminders and constant positive motivation.  This recent training has allowed me to dive into the world of Personal Development which has helped me tremendously on my journey. I listen to podcasts and read books.  I am always looking for ways to improve myself. 

I now know that by staying in my lane, I have a lot more to gain than if I were to cut someone off in their lane. No good has ever come of that. I also have to remember that it’s the not the destination that counts, it’s the journey. 

Tajuana Paige, 29, is from New Jersey - born and raised. True Jersey Girl! She lives in Maryland now and is a mom to two cats - a fur baby mom. She loves dogs too as her parents have a dog whom she loves dearly. Summer is her favorite season, and she loves yoga, reading, and history. She says she is a history nerd :). She also loves hanging out with friends and family, and her Friday night can consist of wine and Netflix. She also loves watching ID Discovery. 

Follow Tajuana on her blog // Instagram // Facebook

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And if you would like to share how fitness and healthy living are important to you, please send me an email. I'd love to feature YOU!


Transitioning from Working Mom to SAHM

If you have read for a while, you know that back in my past life, I was a teacher. My “kids” were high school students prepping for college/the real world, and I LOVED it. Sure, days were long, and the papers I graded were even longer, but the classroom was a good fit for me. I did become a counselor for the last 4 years of my career, and I heard/saw things that made my heart break. These stories made me want to run home and never let go of my son. So, when I finally became pregnant with baby #2, we decided we were in a good place for me to stay home.

Let me tell you  the transition was HARD. I knew my own kids would be tough little employees; but, it was the starting over that had me stumped and, honestly, a bit lonely. I missed my co-workers greatly; I missed a good adult conversation. My fellow teachers/counselors were some of the best people I’ve ever encountered, and I missed them like crazy. You talk to them all day, and you share; you help; and you laugh/cry. They knew you like your family did because you spent so much time with them, and they just got it – the troubled kids, the elaborate lesson plans, the grading, and the parents. When my newest little coworker (i.e. my daughter) didn’t converse back or get my jokes/good cries, I realized just how lonely I was.

Teacher Dance at a Friday Pep Rally - A Favorite Memory
And this past weekend, I was reminded of another frustration – not being able to monetarily contribute to our family. This concern may seem trivial to some, but when I do make my trips to Target or feel the craving for a Starbucks (did I mention my daughter wasn’t a fan of that sleeping thing for most of her first year?), I would feel such guilt. Not that I was rolling in the dough from that awesome teacher’s salary, but I was earning something. That income was helpful and allowed us to save money for emergencies and/or family treats and trips. Now, I have a hard time with my husband being the sole provider – mainly because he works SO hard for us, and I do not want him to stress over finances when work is stressful enough. I wasn’t prepared for this transition causing such anxiety.

I am going into year four of staying at home (I go by school years #teacherprobs), and my anxieties are ceasing a bit. Prayer and praise help me get through, but there’s been some other amazing things that have helped. The most important – my friends. I’m talking about the new ones I’ve met through boot camp, gymnastics and reading classes, Bible study, and other preschool moms. At almost 40, I made new friends - great friends who trudge through the stay at home life with me. We help and encourage just as those friends I made long ago. The loneliness is no more, and for that, I am so grateful.
This weekend, I got a new car, and while I am SO excited (seriously, the automatic back door just changed this toddler mom’s life), I felt a bit guilty. My husband worked hard to make sure we got a safer car; he should get something new first to be honest. But, when I thanked him for working so hard for us, he never flinched. He reminded me how hard I work too. I still would love to help more financially, but that comment made me feel so much better. And, it motivated me to start brainstorming what’s next for me. That is exciting stuff, my friends. I love some good motivation.

If you are a new stay at home mom after working for a bit or you are even thinking about it, there will be worries that come up that you may not be aware of right now. You may not feel worthy as you once did in your old day job. You may feel financial stress. But, you are going to be doing an important job at home just as you once did in the real world.

Hang on tight and find your tribe. Your new little bosses are waiting. And they love you like crazy.
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