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Recipe Round-Up

Confession: I need to get some eating habits under control. I LOVE FOOD - especially when I don't have to cook it. On the weekends, we can indulge a little too much so when Monday comes, I feel so motivated to start fresh and start clean. And then the cycle repeats. This weekend was no exception - queso, tacos, and birthday cake. I don't like to beat myself up over my choices because I do believe in moderation, but sometimes, I don't like how I feel after too many treats.

So, here's a new week, and I am rounding up some of our recent favorites. Some are clean, some are not-so-clean, but they are made in my own kitchen and sometimes with our garden ingredients. I'll miss my beloved Mexican food, but these are good replacements. Here's what's cooking this week.

These meals all come highly recommended - they have been in our dinner rotation this summer and make great leftovers. And our garden has been abundant so we will add in our fresh peppers and tomatoes when possible. Highly recommend growing your own produce too - such a great family activity plus delish and healthy. I am thinking my hubs needs to write a post on how our garden has been successful this year.

And I've been thinking how I can avoid those unhealthy choices over the weekend, and I am going to switch my grocery day to Friday and include the weekend in my meal prep/planning. What do you do to keep on track during the weekends?

In my dream world, I'd have a nutritionist and a chef to help me be better. But, in the real world, I'll go with Pinterest and the help of some healthy, fit friends!

Have a great week, friends. If you try these recipes, let me know what you think!

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