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With this post, I will officially share my blog. I am nervous but excited - well, to be honest, I am mostly scared out of my mind. I don’t do change well - I like plans. I like keeping it simple. But I have changed quite a bit lately - honestly, since I had my second child. I went from working a busy job to staying home with only little people to talk to about life. I was lost for quite some time and knew I needed to change. The change started slowly - it wasn’t pretty. In fact, I may have changed, but I don’t feel like I am done.

Fitness has been important to me since I’ve gotten older. I’ve done boot camps, gyms, home workouts - you name it, I’ve sweated to it! After struggling to have a second baby then learning I was expecting my baby girl, I didn’t want to risk anything so I stopped working out. When she was born, I eased my way back into working out, and the first workout that got me going was the 21-day fix from Beachbody. I found a friend in Tiffany at Bump 2 Buff, and she became an inspiration and support for me. I am so thankful for this workout because it made me stronger after baby.

Now, a year after discovering Beachbody, finding a love for running, and devoting 2 days a week to an amazing boot camp, I’m at my best weight and feel amazing! People always ask if I’ll go back to teaching or counseling, and I don’t think it’s in the cards for me right now. I feel like this physical and mental change I’ve worked on for a year is leading me to teach in a different way. I want others to see how fitness can be worked into ANY busy life.

When I first thought of starting a blog, I wanted to be a support for other moms who need to know someone gets the joy AND chaos of everyday life. I hope to be that support and find others to support me on my crazy days. But, fitness and health have quickly become a passion of mine, and I want to offer support there as well.

I am excited for my next journey of teaching - of extending to others what Tiffany and my boot camp instructor, Megan, have extended to me. Taking this break from teaching/counseling has been harder than I thought. I had to find a new place for me to help others. I'm excited to take it a step further by beginning the process to become a fitness instructor as well as work with an amazing group of ladies at Team Inspire. I can’t wait to share workouts, tricks, tips, and anything to help you on your fitness journey. I’ve got big plans for a healthy future. You can too because it can happen - no matter what your life looks like. I promise.

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  1. So proud of you.
    You inspire me.
    Love the blog and your passion.
    Go Kim, Go Kim!

    1. YOU inspire ME. One day, I may just do a race with you. MAYBE :) #catwalkers4life


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