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Grilled Pimiento Stuffed Sweet Peppers

As a child, I remember my mom always having pimiento cheese as a go-to snack - slap it on some bread or dip in your favorite veggies. Now as a mom myself, I still love me some pimiento cheese. My littlest is quite the foodie so it's great for on-the-go or as a summer staple.

Homemade pimiento cheese is good (though I am not an overachiever post kids), but I have found my favorite brand - Price*s with its real cheese, pimiento peppers, and salad dressing. Since our garden has been blooming like crazy, I decided to combine our homegrown sweet peppers with Price*s delish dish. Thus, you have the perfect grilled snack.

We spend 95% of our summer nights on the patio while the kids swim. We also love grilling and chilling on the patio. Most nights, it's just grill all the things - sausage, potatoes, shrimp, steak, pineapple - you name it, we grill it.

So, with our sweet pepper loot, we are loving our latest -  Price*s pimiento stuffed sweet peppers!


A handful of sweet peppers (you can also use the snack peppers that come in the bag - I used 6)
1 container Price*s Original Pimiento Cheese (or spice it up with Price*s Zesty Jalapeno flavor)
Garlic powder, salt, and pepper, to taste

To Make:

1. Wash the peppers then cut in half and remove seeds/stems.
2. Spoon approximately 1 tablespoon of Price*s into each half.
3. Top with seasonings and place on foil.
4. Place the foil on a grill set to medium-high heat.
5. Leave peppers on until they start to soften (cheese will also melt down, too).
6. Remove from grill and serve warm.

We made these poppers last weekend while our neighbors were over, and the crowd went wild! What a great dish for your July 4th barbecue.

Head to the nearest grocery to grab your Price*s Pimiento Cheese stat. Your taste buds and guests will be forever grateful.

Put Price*s pimiento cheese on your shopping list this week. Better yet, impress your party guests with this hearty appetizer.

Click HERE to learn more about Price*s and all their flavors,
where to buy, and other recipes, too!

These peppers are best with a savory taste made with mayonnaise and a blend of spices for a creamy, savory flavor with a kick of spice - so you need to try Price*s.

Be sure to grab a coupon to get $1 off, too!
*Coupon subject to regional availability**


When Grief Makes You DIfferent

I had my own notion of grief.
I thought it was the sad time
that followed the death
of someone you love.

My mom found this definition of grief and posted it to Facebook this week. And just like that - another trigger. This time, it's a good one because it allows me to spill it all. The grief. The journey. The good, the bad, and the downright sucky. I loved these words because grief is so damn confusing. We all have a notion. We will be sad - maybe for a long time. We will question - maybe even longer than any other stage. We will get angry - and maybe stick there for a bit.

And you had to push through it
to get to the other side.
But I'm learning there is no other side.
There is no pushing through.

When my dad died in 2002, the news and our new life often knocked me to my knees. Everything was different. In fact, a friend told me I was so different than before, and at first, I felt bad. I didn't mean to be different. I fought really hard to tiptoe through each grief stage. I stunk at most steps, but after years of help, I was getting somewhere. I realized I WAS different. This new me was stuck but treading on.

But rather,
there is absorption.

When my brother died 17 months ago, I remember sitting in my closet with a glass of wine (because...grief) thinking "here we go again. Guess I am about to be different all over again." And just because I lost my dad didn't mean I felt confident in loss this time around. In fact, I had to absorb this one in a whole other way (still absorbing, to be honest), and I am sure I am stinking this one up something fierce, too. Some may say I haven't adjusted well or I talk about it too much. Some may say I need to accept it and move on, but here's the truth - no one knows when or if ever I will do either one.

And grief is not something you complete,
but rather, you endure.
Grief is not a task to finish
and move on.

I am not saying I will wallow or cry or be angry forever (I fight hard to make it through these times in a healthy manner), but I will have days. We all will. Grief will never be completed. We have to endure life without two people - that's hard to grasp even 15 years and/or 17 months later. All of us left in my family don't have a task in front of us to complete. There's not a check mark next to "get over deaths of loved ones" on our to-do list.

But an element of yourself -
an alternate of your being,
a new way of seeing,
a new definition of self.

I am writing these words because we seek patience and love and support. We also still appreciate prayers. Not just for living with the loss but as we navigate life AFTER loss. We ARE different. If you have experienced any loss or change in your life that left you reeling, you are different, too. I write that because it's okay to be different. It's okay to struggle with absorption. And it's okay to have hard days.

You may not know loss, but I bet you know change. I bet you know hardship. It's just that - we are always seeking new ways to better ourselves. The words my mom posted are the truest words I've read about grief. Though they were another trigger, I am happy it triggered words that give grief a face, too.

Grief written by Gwen Flowers


Remembering Our Dads: A Father's Day Tribute

This post was written two years ago, and I read it again this week as we approach Father's Day. These words still hold true - we miss our dads. But, more than anything, we want you to know more about them. More about the men who made us.

There are SO many days I miss my dad. When my son wants to go fishing, when I start something new and need his advice, when I read a good book, when it’s his birthday...and especially on Father’s Day.

I am so happy that my kids have an amazing father who works hard for them, plays with them, and just loves them like crazy. But, I am sad they don’t have grandfathers to physically do the same. Yes, they have some pretty rad guardian angels watching over them, but it is still really hard to hear of kids going to the grandparents’ house to see BOTH a grandma and a grandpa. What’s even harder is that our dads were SO DAMN COOL.

My husband lost his dad unexpectedly in 2000; my dad left us unexpectedly in 2002. Here’s the best way to say it - it’s not a beautiful sentence, and it’s a term I don’t want my son to use ever - but, it sucks. It stinks for my kids, for us, for our families, and for the people who never got to know them, because believe me, you missed out completely.

My father-in-law, Charlie, was fun. He loved telling jokes, and he loved his family. He believed to get what you wanted out of life, you had to work your ass off for it. I never met him, but how do I know that? His kids do this exact same thing every day of their lives. How do I know he loved his kids like crazy? Just watch all four of them with their kids, and you will see it. I see pictures of him in our house and back at each of theirs, and he was always the life of the party. He liked his motorcycle, his close group of buddies, to have a good time, and to just have fun. I can picture him with my son, and they would talk each other’s ear off - I promise you that.

My dad, John, was my hero. He left home at an early age, and from that moment on, he worked his tail off to become something. He went to college, joined the Army, and started a family. He worked for the SAME COMPANY all of his life. In fact, he retired in 1997 only to go back a few months later because he missed it and his friends. He provided for his family. I loved hearing him come home from work everyday, walk to his corner of the kitchen, place down his briefcase, and tell me about his day. When he wasn’t working, he was outdoors. Riding his bike, building something in the garage, or fishing. He loved his cats. He loved nature. He adored his family. He loved Jimmy Buffet, Waylon Jennings, a good book, whipping up something without a recipe, and the value of education.

And both were as carefree as they come; something I struggle with every single moment of my life. I could use both to tell me to chill out and enjoy it because as we know, life is over in a split second. They would love their grand kids. My little tomboy who is almost 2 would wrap those two around her little finger as she digs for worms, sits in mud, and cries to be outside rain or shine. And I HATE that they are not here to see it.

This Sunday, I will celebrate my husband, my brother, my brothers-in-law, and great friends who are amazing fathers. But, my husband and I will most likely shed some tears on what could’ve been. We will cry for these two kick ass dads we miss all the time; but, it’s today that will hit us hardest as it does every year. So for those of you with your dads and grandpas around, please hug them so tight. Have them share stories with your kids. That’s too awesome to miss. And for those of us hurting and missing, I send you a big hug and an “I get it.” My mom lost her dad 50 years ago, and this day hurts for her too. Remember these folks. Say prayers for their hearts. And if you get a chance, think of Charlie and John (or Grandpa Charlie and Pop). They are up their tossing back a Miller Light (or maybe some wine for Charlie!) as they fish in God’s Heaven.
I miss you, 339. I pray to feel your hugs and to hear your advice. You gave me the best life, and I am forever grateful. Happy Father’s Day.

If you are missing your loved one on Father's Day, my heart is with you. Grief is sneaky - especially on days like this one. You are prayed for, my friend.


Celebrating Dads With JORD Watches (+ A Giveaway!)

This post is sponsored by JORD Wood Watches. The watch mentioned is courtesy of JORD. As always, the thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for supporting Always A New Day!

It's almost time for the big day - where we get to celebrate the awesomeness of dads! And, if you want to spoil that special father in your life, JORD is the place to do it. You know how much I love my JORD, so I was excited to work with them again - this time with a men's watch for the hubs.

He works so hard and never asks for much (plus he puts up with ME - no easy feat, I tell ya). He rarely buys nice pieces for himself so the kids and I had fun picking out this JORD watch that is all HIM. We even cheated and gave it to him early (a certain toddler can't keep secrets).

How do you plan to celebrate the dads in your life this Father's Day? Our day will be spent swimming, grilling, and chilling. Perfect for my simple guy. Now he has this cool watch to go with our backyard plans. We love the sporty look of his newest accessory!

If you'd love to get a beautiful wood watch for your baby daddy, JORD is giving one away to a lucky Always A New Day reader! Every person who enters could win a $100 gift code to use on their site (check out their women's line, too - treat yourself)! One lucky person will win, but EVERYONE who enters will receive a $25 off coupon code once the contest ends.

Click HERE to enter the giveaway!

(The giveaway will close July 9, 2017 at 11:59pm.
Both the $100 and the $25 codes will expire on October 31, 2017)

Good luck and HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all those awesome and hardworking daddies!

And, don't forget to see my Father's Day Gift Guide HERE for more gift ideas for your main squeeze.

Luxury Wooden Watch


A Father's Day Gift Guide - For The Dad Who Has Everything

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Harry's. Thank you for gifting the Father's Day Shave set! As always, all thoughts/opinions are 100% my own.  Affiliate links also used. Thanks for supporting Always A New Day!

Disclaimer 2: To my husband, STOP READING NOW. :)

Father's Day is around the corner, and if your hubs is like mine, he pretty much has all he needs (so he says). And, he keeps it simple. You can see how we did it up right last year (truth: we will most likely do the same again on June 18th), but I am excited to throw in some goodies, too.

Bluetooth Headphones - If you follow me on Instagram, you know my hubs just returned from a long business trip. And as of late, his work has added some stress. One way we like to combat all that stress is to exercise. For him, he likes to run so what better gift than these nifty things?

Orangetheory Fitness - Since February, I have changed my workouts quite a bit. I have never done a tougher more effective workout than Orangetheory. If you're competitive (and like to push yourself), I cannot recommend OT enough! And, my kids have themselves a competitive dad so the Father's Day Bundle is going to get him started on my latest obsession! Find your nearest OT locations and their specials HERE.

Wasatch Woods Wedding Band - I gifted this ring to my husband on his 40th birthday, and he loves it! He also loves woodworking so I thought this would be such a unique accessory for him. Why not give this uniqueness for Father's Day, too? Wasatch Woods was a pleasure to work with as we designed the ring right for him.

The Stranger In The Woods by Michael Finkel - My nephew recommended this book after hearing rave reviews. In this true story, a man decides to follow his dream of leaving the modern world to focus on nature and himself. When the hubs gets stressed at work, he often dreams of moving to the country to escape the hustle and bustle. I admire his goals and know this book will be a page-turner for him.

Sperry's Top-Sider Men's Salt-Washed Striper Boat Shoe - We leave for the beach soon, and these shoes would be perfect for him! My husband does not shop often for himself. Meaning, he tends to keep clothes/shoes for a LONG time. He needs these - like really, really needs them.

Best Dad Ever Grilling Apron - Besides wood-working and getting his run on, he is a master on the grill. He pretty much grills or uses his smoker most weekends as we swim/hang out! I love this cute (ahem - masculine) apron - the kids would get a kick out of it, too!

UA Tactical Tech Zip Pull-Over (Benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project) - Under Armour is a staple in this household! This zipped pull-over is light but great for the active dad. Think football season - grab one ASAP! Especially when a purchase supports such a great cause, you can't beat it!

Harry's Father's Day Shave Set - I am most excited for this one because I know it will be used daily! The quality of Harry's products are top-notch. The hubs has hinted at wanting more Harry's products so I am excited to give him this set. It's tucked away for the big day, but the littles almost spoiled the surprise. Head over to Harry's to see what other treats they have for your handsome man!

And there you have it. For the dad who has it all. For the dad who likes to keep it simple. For the dad who likes to look good. PIN THIS as you build your own gift guide. These dads are worth it!

Happy Father's Day, y'all!


The Beginner's Guide to Vintage Markets

I had the best experience this weekend partnering with Vintage Market Days of Northwest Houston! If you've read a while, you know I love me some shopping (see HERE and HERE) - especially for unique pieces, clothing, jewelry, décor, etc. And, since my sister has her own shop, my love for all things vintage has grown!

If you've never experienced any vintage market, you must do so ASAP. Grab your girlfriends and hit the road - shop til' you drop, my friends. With the help of Kathy at Vintage Market Days of Northwest Houston, I am excited to bring you a beginner's guide to the perfect shopping experience.


I guarantee there's a vintage market coming to your world this year. As for Vintage Market Days of Northwest Houston, you can click on their website to see where they are headed next. Then, pick a date and tell your friends. Go for a day or for the whole weekend - you won't be disappointed!


Think Target but bigger. Think TJ Maxx but legit vintage items. If you are redoing a room in your home, you'll find the perfect piece at a vintage market. At times, there's SO MUCH GOODNESS, it can be overwhelming! My list included some summer wardrobe staples for our upcoming beach trip. Or think gifts - start your Christmas shopping or grab that birthday present for a friend!


Check out the vendor list for the market. Then, go see if the shop has a Facebook page or an Instagram account. I found my chips and salsa shirt on Insta first then stalked them at the market. I am a happy mama! By finding them on social media, you can see more of what they offer.

Top from Texas Stitches (Website coming soon!)


Plan on being there for a bit because there's so much to see. Plus, there's always delish food/drinks to try! We tried chicken salad, walking tacos, lemonade, and many a sweet treat. You can always compare prices on items because some shops carry the same things. Thus, take your time - there's a deal waiting on you! Oh and don't forget cash - it's always easier!

To Kathy and everyone at Vintage Market Days of Northwest Houston, THANK YOU for a fun day. I loved meeting the amazing vendors and spending the day with my sister and friends.

PS - if you see anything you like from the market, click on the shop! Many ship all over, and I recommend everything you see!
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