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Simple Father's Day Ideas

Father's Day is just around the corner, and the kids are ready to celebrate the best guy they know. This day can be hard - and will be hard yet again this year - but, my husband works so hard and loves with all he has. We want to shower him with that love right back! The problem is - he is HARD when it comes to gifts and such. He is a simple man and will say he doesn't need a thing. So, we are planning an easy day of fun, sun, and family. Here's how you can plan a simple Father's Day for your simple guy, too.

{Make sure you check out all of the great links I've shared in today's post - so many good ideas and gift guides to help make this day simple for you as well}

Follow his interests.

My hubby loves to work in his shop and be outdoors. We could get him the latest gadget at Home Deport, but I bet I'd buy the wrong thing. And, I bet he has most tools a man could ever need. He can do without dinners out or big celebrations, so we are staying put. The pool. The grill. The kids. That's all he wants. But, maybe your hubs wants adventure or a nice dinner out. If that's for him, look for a fun kid-friendly restaurant and have some fun. Just ask what he would like to do and go!

Involve the kids.

My son is so excited for Father's Day as he knows it's the perfect day to tell his dad how great he is. He knows Dad wants some fun in the sun, so he came up with a great idea to get him this Pool Basketball Hoop to add to our day. I love that his little guy came up with this gift all on his own - the excitement itself will make the best present.

Or, get crafty. We have made some cute Father's Day gifts in the past, so we are searching for some more. Their dad loves to display any handmade gift in his office for the world to see, and when the kids visit, they love seeing their work, and their dad showing it off for his coworkers. Check out these links for some easy Father's Day gifts the kids can do.

Make his favorite treat.

Baking is the way to my guy's heart, and he has some specific favorites. Most importantly, anything pineapple and anything cheesecake. Through a recent link-up, I found these treats that will make him drool.

Take it easy.

Sundays are made for rest, and that's just what this dad needs. He works long hours yet comes home to kids who barely let him in the door to unwind from his crazy day. Yet, he never complains - just picks them up making their whole world better. He gives to us day in and day out, so if he wants a simple day at home, that's just what he's going to get!


If you are looking for a bit more, check out the following Father's Day Gift Guides. These great ideas are perfect for any dad.

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Happy Father's Day to all the great dads out there! And to those who have fathers in Heaven, my love and prayers are with all of you.

And, you may have noticed some changes around here. I am SO excited to clean up this space and make it more classic and simple. Special thanks to  Get Polished for the new design - Chelsea was great to work with and helped a great deal. Highly recommend!

What do you think? Change is good :)

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  1. I am always lost when it comes to gift ideas. This was great. Very helpful!


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