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Welcome to a New Day!

I am Kim - a mama of two; wife to one.

In my former life, I counseled high school students over courses, college prep, and life.
But, in my own life, I've endured loss - too much it often feels like.

And yet with my own counseling background, I struggle. Anxiety. Depression. Worry.
Daily, I fight these crazy monsters while trying to be a great mom, a loving wife, and dear friend.
It's not easy - not one little bit. Just as I fight it daily, I celebrate them too.
Without them, I wouldn't know God's love or His most beautiful blessings.

With each new day I am given, I pray boldly. I share openly.
The topics may be raw, but they are oh so real.
Writing has given me purpose in a world
that has brought me to my knees all too often.

Yet, I am here.

Thank you for being here, too. You may be tired and weary as well.
You may see something that relates to you.
You will definitely see the truth about motherhood - the good, the beautiful, and the crazy.
You will learn the motto of keepin' it real - that's what you will find in this New Day.

Each day, I am learning new things. I am meeting new people.
I am encouraged by words, and I am inspired by stories.
I am figuring out what works and what does not with each New Day.

Are you ready to join me?

We need to celebrate each new day -
even as we figure out this mom life
and find ways to take care of ourselves, too - our hearts, our minds, and our stories.
I am learning new ways every single day and hope
to teach you ways to take care of the person inside as well.
I am so happy to have you here.

There is joy ahead, my friends.
There is always a new day.

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