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My First Blogger Workshop

In April, some Houston bloggers announced they were partnering to hold a workshop on the wonders of Pinterest. Being fairly new to this blogging gig, I knew right away that I wanted to attend - there's SO much to learn, and I am often behind the game. I purchased my ticket knowing it would be so beneficial to my blogging knowledge. And, I am all for a day away with some amazing ladies.

The verdict? It far exceeded my expectations. Having never attended any workshop AND not feeling adequate enough (yeah, I said that. Damn you,  anxiety), I was nervous the day of the event. Yet, I knew learning about Pinterest would help so much as I try to grow. Without sharing the tricks and trades (seriously - go to an event - you'll love it), I just want to share with new bloggers about my experience.

Before I started my blog, I followed other bloggers in my area - through social media and with their content, I found myself connecting to them - mom life, great recipes, hilarious real life stories, raw moments, etc. These mamas have SO much to offer as you develop your blogging voice. When Meg and Moms Without Answers announced this workshop, I set my alarm to purchase a ticket. Fast forward two months, and the workshop happens as does the awe, amazement, and community that comes with it. Follow some local ladies and see if/when they have any workshops/conferences you can attend. And go!

And when you go, be prepared. I came armed with my planner, a notepad, and my computer and used each item accordingly. The best part was getting one on one help with these experts who were able to help solve problems this newbie had been working on for months! Next up, I would love to attend a blogger conference - I can only imagine all the knowledge I would gain. I am on the lookout for anything up and coming.

I will say being that scared little newbie was obvious at times. I didn't know many people, but I was welcomed with open arms. As I can do in new social surroundings, I was quiet - simply taking in all the information and expertise - Pinterest-related and other great tips. And being new to the workshop world, I definitely did not know about the swag. Holy Kendra Scott! There were treats everywhere we turned. Since this workshop was my first, I simply was amazed. See for yourself.

Special thanks to Faison Anne for the pictures. You can see all her great work here:
Facebook: Faison Anne Photography
Instagram: @faisonanne

Make sure to follow the hashtag #performonpinterest to see other photos from the event. If there is ever another event like this one, you must go!

Thanks again, Meg, Channing, and Michelle. You made my first blogger workshop one to remember. I hope there will be another so others can learn all that Pinterest offers - there is such value in women helping women.

And dinner at Vallone's was an added bonus :)

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