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How To Get Out Of The Mom Funk

Oh heavens, it's been a whole week out of school and while we are enjoying some freedom, there's been some laziness. These lazy days are much needed, but I'm ready to tackle my Summer Bucket List and simply get out of the mom funk stat. I'm not talking big events and adventures every single day; I just need to snap out of the tired and into the fun.

What do you do when you are feeling tired and funky? I'm about to put my best practices to work and wanted to share some with all of you. Here's what's about to happen up in the Reed casa.

Get Up Earlier.

Now, I am not talking 5 am - just get up a bit before the kids. I don't know about you, but when I have a kid in my face before I can come to consciousness, it startles me into the day. I like a slow wake-up so I can stretch, pray, and drink my beloved coffee. Another great tip - make your bed. Most days, making my bed is the only cleaning I get done so it makes me feel like I conquered the world.

Move It. Move It.

Fitness gets my blood pumping and reminds me how strong I am. But, to be honest, my early morning workouts aren't happening. Mama wants to sleep in on summer days too. Then what? Join a gym with free child care. Swim. Go for an evening stroll. Meet friends at the park and chase those kids around.  If you can find a tough boot camp class, fitness class at the gym, or CrossFit, go try it. A good, strength training workout does wonders not just for your body but for that tired mama mind too.

Get Creative.

This one is tough for me because I am not much of a DIY'er though I try! Writing is my creative outlet, and when it's nap/rest time, that's just what I do. I love coming to my little blog and getting words out - I can't paint or knit to save my life, but I feel creative when I write. In fact, this blog means so much to me because of its therapy that I am about to change up things. Can't wait for what's in store in my little corner.

But, maybe you're craftier than me - tackle that DIY project you've been thinking of for so long. Involve your kids too - a great summer activity is sitting outside in the late afternoon and going crazy with sidewalk chalk. When you can get those creative juices going, it's a mood-booster. Pinterest is the hub for all things creative - pin some favorites and get going.

Get Dressed.

For 12 years, I got up each morning, dressed for work, and hit the road. When I started staying at home, I fell into my comfy yoga pants and that messy mom bun.  I am 100% in support of this get-up, but there are some days I need to feel like a human - not just a tired mom. Just a cute casual graphic tee can work or maybe a simple sundress. I don't have much of a make-up routine, but when I put on a little something with my comfy casualwear, I feel tons better. It's just finding that time to get dressed before this little one hits the ground running. Another good reason to get up a bit earlier too!

Get Out.

Now, you're dressed. You've got a touch of something on your face. Go do something. A park trip, a lunch date (where are my Chick Fil A moms??), take the kids to the library, grab a frap and walk around Target. Anything to get out and see the world. I do love our lazy pajama days at home, but when you get out, it expands those four walls that sometimes get a little too close and affect our moods. Like in my bucket list, we plan on one big adventure each week, and while it will be HOT, I know we will need to see the world around us.

I would love to hear how you get out of your slumps. Routines? Can't live without life hacks? I will take all the advice I can get - let's share!

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