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What Always A New Day Means To Me

I don't think I've ever shared the reason behind Always A New Day - the blog name, that is. I have touched on it in my About Me page, but with this month being Mental Health Awareness Month, it feels like the right time to dig deeper. The name began with an idea from a friend then progressed into what's become pretty special to me.

For me, my why is HEALTH. The physical, the emotional, and the mental. When I began brainstorming the name for my space, I sought out advice from friends. My sweet friend, Lori, recommended There's Always Wine At The End Of The Day. Girl knows me well. She knows my anxiety and my worries, but she also gets my sense of humor, my parenting, and my hardships. I wanted to encompass it all with Always A New Day - shortened and sweet, though wine does happen some days :)

I worry every day. I stress everyday. I get sad some days. I panic on others.

I also love being a mom. I love writing. I have a passion about sharing what is good and what is not. I love things that make my life easier. I love sharing what makes up my everyday.

At the end of that day, whether it's the best day ever or one I can't figure out, I remind myself God has plans for a new day. And wherever that day takes place, I have a chance to go again.

When my days are the gross ones, I remember I've gotten through so much. My friends and my family save me even when they don't know they are doing so. They are with me and pushing me to start that new day - even when the new start seem so far away.

For all of us, there's always a new day or a new horizon coming. Trust me, even when that just doesn't seem possible, I know it most definitely is. And most importantly, I know you are not alone. You are not alone because I'm waiting for that new day right along with you.

So, welcome, new and old friends. Join me in my ramblings. Join me in my joy. Join me in my fears, worries, sadness, grief, grit, and strength. Always A New Day is my hope that no one feels alone. I hope that you can find things to make your new days easier, more fun, and a tribe that reminds you how far you've come.

That's my WHY. My mental health and yours. Sharing this little voice I have with even one person who gets it is worth it all.

Thanks for joining me in the quest for all things new. Rejoicing, hoping, and believing.


The Best Books To Read This Summer

Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used in this post. Thanks for supporting Always A New Day!

Ready for some FUN summer reading? I've got a good list for you - all tested and approved :) During the school year, I turn off the anxiety by turning on the TV (Hey, Real Housewives) and trying my luck at another level of Candy Crush. Needless to say, I didn't have much to keep me engaged.

I found myself missing a really good book - the one that makes you want to hide until you finish. The characters are so real, and you need to know their fate. Thanks to some blogger buddies/avid readers, I've read some AMAZING books in the last few months. And they are PERFECT for your summer reading - grab one for those pool days or for when those summer nights keep you up.

There isn't one book on the list below that I didn't like. With each book, I was lost in the story and found ways to sneak around to read a page or two. When a book makes you want to forgo all adult responsibilities, you know it's a good one!

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

It Ends With Us

Anatomy of a Scandal

The Light We Lost

The Woman in Cabin 10

A Man Called Ove

I also added what's up next for me - all recommended by friends so I know they will be just as good as the ones above.


Girl, Wash Your Face

Little Fires Everywhere

What's on your list? Send me your suggestions!

And, check out last year's list, too. I still have a few to go on that one, but this year's list is just TOO good.

Go get your read on!


How To Help A Friend Who Has Anxiety

When it comes to anxiety, we anxious folks know it is complex. We could research it forever, but most of the time, there are so many triggers (or really none at all) that make it differ from day to day. Those who are anxious do not all act the same nor do they have the same coping mechanisms. For me, my anxiety has come in different forms as of late which is why I keep going back to change my course of action.

If you have a friend who has anxiety or, if you have a friend who has a DIFFERENT "anxiety" than you, friendships can endure bumps and bruises. It's hard to navigate when one doesn't understand the other or has anxiety for other reasons than their own.

I am a friend who struggles. And I am a friend OF many who struggle. I hesitate to share but at the same time, I want to scream it from the rooftops - we cannot help our anxiety so we NEED help to navigate it. As much as I fear the sharing, I also have a passion for it. When we share, when we help - others know they are never ever alone.

So - what do you do when your friend is struggling? Or what do you do when your friend is anxious about something you're not? I hope these tips can help you both.

Understand when they say NO

You keep inviting them to come to lunch. They keep turning you down. You invite them over. They tell you they can't. Now, you're frustrated and maybe a bit hurt. But, they may be having a rough day and for whatever reason, just can't do it. It's not that they don't want to be around you or don't like you, it's the fear. It's the worry. Their home is their comfort, and they feel best in that spot. 

I say no often. I also get sad often when others say no. Crazy, right? As we get older, and we just need a damn break, no just sounds so good. It's part of being anxious and understanding the anxious. 

Check on them 

Send a text. Or my favorite - send a meme or gif that made YOU think of THEM. Your checking in doesn't have to be long-winded or the perfect advice, it's simply that you thought of them. I often get memes from friends, and I love that they send them to me. Makes my heart happy that they are still in my world laughing from however far away.

If you get frustrated, tell them so. 

This one isn't my favorite tip because who likes being told they are wrong? Not this anxious girl. This will get my already crazy brain going off the tracks. But, as of late, I've learned that it's part of working through my anxiety and/or depression. We can get so deep in ours that we forget others have battles, too. A friend and I recently talked about this very issue, and while it was a tough conversation, I am SO thankful we shared our frustrations. And we are stronger now because of it. 

Understand their outlets

I love my anxious friends because they teach me every single day. One has taken up yoga; another meditates daily. Some volunteer often, and others have found new avenues for their careers. I am IN AWE of them. You know exercise is my jam, and I share about it often. Some may not understand my sweaty outlet, but they still push me and give me encouragement. Celebrate what all those bad ass friends are doing - cheer them on every step of the way. 

Recognize their triggers

You don't have to be a professional to do this - you know what can upset a friend. Just because it's not what triggers you, it still is a big deal to them. Oh, I am so guilty of this one. I hate that I have dismissed others when it's not what makes me worry. Anxiety is not one in the same. Carry them through that trigger - just words of encouragement or help remove them from what makes them anxious. It's not always easy, but it helps.
I'm a friend of those who are anxious, and I am big work in progress. I don't check, I get selfish and frustrated. But, in the last two weeks, I've had amazing conversations with friends who make me want to better. We can all be better. 

If you have a friend who is anxious or you are anxious like me, I'd love to hear your tips for others understanding you. Share here or you can always email me or catch up on social media.

Thanks for reading, friends.
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