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The Healthy Mama Series - Meet Tajuana

A new week is upon us - a new week to get prepared and motivated. I am so excited to have Tajuana here to share how she keeps herself in check and motivated every single day. In today's world, it's so easy to get wrapped up in who is doing what and why you aren't there yet. Tajuana puts that all in perspective. Welcome her and enjoy her words for this week's Healthy Mama Series.

Have you ever been on the highway in your zone and then all of a sudden another car comes over at full speed, right in front of you, and nearly cuts you off? All of this happening without warning, no signal lights, no sight of them in your blind spot, NOTHING!  I’m sure we all have been in that situation.  To be honest with you, being either driver is very scary! Your life is no longer the only one at stake, now others are involved. My solution to that is….STAY IN YOUR LANE.

This concept also applies to life.  We all need to focus on our own race of life and not become distracted by others.  We are all on our own journey.  I have tied this into my health and fitness journey.  I have had to tell myself, “STAY IN YOUR LANE,” more times than I care to admit!  I look at others and say, “why is this exercise so easy for them and not for me? How is that they can eat ANYTHING and not gain a pound, not even an inch?” I have to constantly remind myself that the only circumstances that I am fully aware of, at the present moment, are mine and mine alone. I don’t know why certain people cannot gain weight (maybe they have a condition that stops them from putting on pounds). I don’t know why certain people can keep up with different exercises (maybe they are trained dancers). I just don’t know. I only know what I see in front of me and that is only a minuscule part of their story.

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The older I get, the more I realize that people only share what they want you to know. No joke! A lot of people are extremely private and choose to keep things to themselves.  With age, comes wisdom.  In our modern day, technology has taken over our lives…or so it seems.  Can you say social media? Social Media is the one place you can go if you want to not be in your own lane.

Another lesson I’ve learned since aging is that the perfect pictures displayed on social media are not the real thing.  Again, people only share what they want you to know. Now, don’t get me wrong, some things are true, raw, and honest.   Those are the posts that I am drawn to, especially those related to health and fitness.  We all have bad days, and it’s nice to see when others admit to having not so good days too, whether it’s the unhealthy food that they ate or the workout that they missed.

I like to take that route when sharing my journey. I strive to be true, real, and honest with my sharing. I can only do this by staying in my own lane. How am I to focus on my own journey and progress if I am constantly worrying about others’ journeys?  I can’t; it’s one or the other.  I have been practicing to train my mind (the most powerful muscle and worst enemy) to keep focused and to stay in my lane.  It is not an easy task; it requires daily reminders and constant positive motivation.  This recent training has allowed me to dive into the world of Personal Development which has helped me tremendously on my journey. I listen to podcasts and read books.  I am always looking for ways to improve myself. 

I now know that by staying in my lane, I have a lot more to gain than if I were to cut someone off in their lane. No good has ever come of that. I also have to remember that it’s the not the destination that counts, it’s the journey. 

Tajuana Paige, 29, is from New Jersey - born and raised. True Jersey Girl! She lives in Maryland now and is a mom to two cats - a fur baby mom. She loves dogs too as her parents have a dog whom she loves dearly. Summer is her favorite season, and she loves yoga, reading, and history. She says she is a history nerd :). She also loves hanging out with friends and family, and her Friday night can consist of wine and Netflix. She also loves watching ID Discovery. 

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