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5 Things I've Learned My First Year of Blogging

Confession - I still have no idea what I am doing in this blogging world. At the end of 2015, I made the goal to start a blog to share my words with whomever wanted to hear them. I published this post last May and just jumped right into all of it. There went my words - out in the open for anyone to see, read, and comment. Yet, the comments didn't come; heck, neither did the views. Fast forward to now, and while I feel more confidence, I am still sitting in a world of experts and vast amounts of information on taking your blog to the next level. And truth be told, I don't even know what level I am trying to reach. I just want to write - to take a minute out of "adulting" and have a space to let it all go. I am a worrier; I have OCD. And to make it even more fun, I am in the midst of another grief journey. I don't know what's happening emotionally from one moment to the next, but words help me muddle through all the dirty to find the good.

If you have read from the beginning, thank you! Thank you for your patience, your advice, your comments, and your love. In the beginning, my plan was to focus on fitness, but when life changed again for me, I knew my vision was changing too. Sure, I would love a million viewers and to have my words reach the masses, but I really want a corner to share. So, from this rookie blogger who is a hot mess of all things, here are some things I have learned this first year.

Be authentic.

In May 2015, I shared my fitness routine and plan for healthy living. I joined a group of motivated ladies and thought it was a perfect niche for a new blog. Workout, sell stuff, keep motivated. It felt right for a long time, but when my brother died, it no longer felt like me. I am now a mom who is grieving yet caring for her family too - it's a roller coaster. Sure, my workouts make me feel so strong, but my words give me a strength I did not know I had. My life right now is not predictable or easy, so I want to share those ups and downs. Should you want to start your blog, my best advice is make a list of your "special" topic areas - ones where you feel real and passionate. This post from one of my favorite blogging experts really helped me in narrowing my focus and finding areas where I could fully connect to the topic and then hopefully the reader.

Utilize Social Media.

I get my social media "fix" via Instagram and Facebook. I love finding other blogs and other mamas who share their journeys - the real, nitty-gritty ones that make you nod your head, cry your eyes out, and/or laugh yourself silly. When I have a new post or even one posted somewhere bigger, I share hoping others will connect to my words. The very idea that my life experiences are out there for someone to read and understand is surreal and a dream come true. So, if you want to write or blog, link up with other blogs or share your content on all social media platforms. Ask your friends and family to share as well. The power behind sharing spreads your message - you never know who needs to hear what you have to say. When I am struggling to parent "perfectly," I love the words I find. They help me be better for these two loves.

Find a community.

I have found such confidence when I became a member of a blogging group. Motivating mom bloggers surround me as I test, try, and tempt new ideas for my little blog. Not only has this group been beneficial for me, but I also reached out to a fab mom blogger who then became one of my closest friends. Kristy's patience for my multitude of questions has helped my confidence grow since day one. If you want to write and share, reach out to those you follow and grow your community. There is such great support here, and it has shaped my direction for this space.

Be patient.

There is so much I want to do with my blog. I want to make changes to the look and the layout as well as learn more about growth possibilities. Being patient with all these ideas swirling in my head is hard for my OCD problems. Each week, I try to look at something new to incorporate - a newsletter is next up on my list. But, I don't want to throw it together; I want this newsletter to be useful and fun for the busy mom. So, with this idea coming soon, I want to take my time in creating this newsletter. If you want to monetize your blog or even find your niche, take your time and do your research. My blog isn't perfect, but I will take my time in making the perfect space for me and my readers.


Learn as you go.

You could spend hours researching blogging techniques and tips. But just as with the patience, you have to take all these aspects in slowly and learn as you go. Start a Pinterest board for all your blogging research then take time pulling out what's best for you and your blog.

Or, join a group board of other bloggers so you can see their ideas that could best be used in your plans. I have to admit, I started so quickly because I was ready to see my dream become reality, but there are so many things I still need to learn. I plan to attend blogging conferences/workshops to keep learning. Even if I do get my blog where I like it, I won't stop learning. Plus, it's fun! And I need a little fun in my life.


These are not mind-blowing tips from a world-renowned blogger; they are just simple things to keep in mind if you choose to share part of your world with others. It takes bravery, a leap of faith, and a great deal of support. Thank you to those who have shared, commented, and critiqued. This little mess of mine is going to keep going as long as the words flow. I've got stories to tell about parenting, grief, mental health, physical fitness, and so much more. Hang on - I am not where I want to be, but I am so excited to learn more and share more with all of you.

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