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A Mother's Day Reminder

I want to wish all of the fabulous moms a very Happy Mother's Day. Even on the days we do not feel one bit fabulous, we need to remember how awesome we are. We keep our little people going. We really just keep our crazy lives rollin'. So on the days you don't feel so hot or you question all your parenting, remember - YOU ARE AWESOME. {I am writing this post on a not-so-good day so I need this awesome reminder just as the next tired mama}

Mother's Day needs to be a starting point - a place to let all moms know they are so loved. I've been thinking back to that day 7 years ago when I found out I was going to be a mom - I didn’t say a word that entire day out of pure shock, fear, and joy. The months leading up to my son’s arrival were pretty much spent in research - birthing, sleeping, feeding, surviving; I needed to KNOW all of it. I even read BabyWise and sticky-noted the crap out of that book. You know, because I was going to consult my annotations at 3 am when my little guy just wouldn’t sleep. I spent hours packing my hospital bag over and over. The final result? I packed pre-maternity pants because I thought my gut was going to magically shrink over night.

And as we all know, it’s a matter of survival the moment that little miracle is born. I never read that book again, and I wore my stretchy maternity jeans until he was over one. A friend told me the greatest advice when he was tiny, and I still hang out to it nowadays with two kids. This too shall pass. Not the sweet moments - we know we want those to linger forever as though time stops infinitely. The lack of sleep, the teething, the potty-training, the frustration, the temper tantrums, the I-can’t-remember-when-I-washed-my-hair look, the lack of adult interaction. All of those yucky times will pass. And you will still be awesome.

Maybe you read and utilized every single word of that important baby book, and maybe your child slept through the night at 6 weeks. But, maybe not. Maybe you had the baby blues. Maybe they lingered longer than you expected. Maybe you were afraid. Maybe you missed the pre-baby you. But, your babies thrived. At some point too, you thrived. Why? Because you are AWESOME.

This mom role is no joke - it’s chaos one minute then complete bliss the next. It’s pure exhaustion followed by pride with your little one’s newest accomplishment. You bottle-fed or you breastfed; you organically fed or you consider the fact that you got the toddler to eat that processed waffle your greatest accomplishment; you worked or you stayed at home. The list is as long as the comments on a Facebook mommy war post. No matter how you did it, you did it with love. And BECAUSE YOU ARE AWESOME.

So celebrate your awesomeness on Sunday. Then on Monday, high-five your mom tribe and tell them how great they are. Hug your kids because they know how great YOU are. And be kind to all the moms out there. Let Mother’s Day be a starting point because we do not know the battles each other faces, but I do know this fact - moms can do HARD things. Guess why? We are so damn awesome.


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