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The Perfect Girls Weekend

I just returned from my annual girls weekend with my college friends. A long weekend of laughing, lounging, eating, and conversation was good for this mommy's soul. How in the world did we make a 3-day weekend happen in our busy mom lives? It all started with an idea a few years ago and a commitment - and there you have the perfect girls weekend.

#1 - Start a Facebook Group

We started with an idea at one of our weddings and this turned into a private Facebook group where we could plan, coordinate, and discuss the weekend's itinerary. We could coordinate flight pick-ups, menu ideas, games, and then share our favorite moments from the weekend long after they happen. I love our little group and starting this Facebook planning group was just what we needed to get the weekend in motion. 

#2 - Pick Your Weekend

We always do the last weekend in April. This year, we already committed to our 2017 weekend so now we can head home, inform the husbands/work, gather babysitters, and start the countdown. Sure, we may miss soccer games or other events, but it's just easier to have this weekend set. No one flakes or makes other plans when this weekend is set. Make it a long weekend, too - we love our 2 full days and 3 nights of girl time.

#3 - Rent a House

Each year, we have rented a house in the same area with a full kitchen and a pool. We room with other friends and get cozy. All you need is in one space. The main idea is to not have plans - we sit in the pool and do not let time constrain us. A hotel getaway is great, but we like the ease of a home with all the amenities.

#4 - Keep It Simple

On our first evening, we conquer the grocery store. We partner with another friend and take a meal. This last trip, my friend Libbie and I had dinner. We chose the meals for the rest of the weekend and purchased our ingredients. We also have breakfast and lunch squared away with some snacks in between. Each year, I also learn a new recipe or snack idea I take home and use in my meal plans. Win-win!

Another way to keep it simple is to not make any plans. You are needed so much in your regular life and pulled in a thousand directions to take care of others, so it is nice to DO NOTHING for a few days. We like not worrying about time or places to be - it makes the weekend just simple and perfect. A bonus - I don't think I wore make-up once while there. Oh, and I stayed in my bathing suit/cover-up too. 

#5 - Grab Some Party Favors

This tradition just happened on its own. I had cups monogrammed for our first trip, then sweet Libbie had these koozies made with our college nicknames. The cups were perfect for some margaritas and the koozies kept our beers cold. I love these little treasures, and we make sure to bring them on each trip. My friend, Emily, also brought us fun water bottles too - a color for each of us!

I am sad it is over, but I am beyond blessed to have this group of ladies in my life. We met over 20 years ago, and we still pick up like no time has been lost. We support each other, crack each other up like crazy, and stick together even when we are apart. Thank you, sweet friends, for a great weekend - one I desperately needed.

Go start your group and get to planning. What a treasure you will have with your dear friends. I can't wait until we are rockin' our koozies at our girls weekends when we are old and gray. Now, THAT will be a good time. 

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