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How To Set Your Goals {7 Quick Steps}

Spring Break is just around the corner, and we need some family time up in here. It's a good time to reorganize, replan, and rethink my goals for this new year. As I've shared, this year did not start as I had hoped - and you can bet those 2016 resolutions can to a crashing stop. Grief sure is a crazy, mad journey, and I am hanging on for dear life. I keep reminding myself to take one day at a time, let myself rest, and give myself grace; I'm doing that when there is downtime, but I am also feeling the urge to get back to things - but get back to them differently. These 7 steps are how I plan to set my new goals.

Follow a Process

Since so much has changed, I need to spend time brainstorming and planning what I want to do now. I'll be honest - my plans have changed; I just feel different. Just like you would research for any project, paper, job, or blog post - research YOU. The English teacher in me plans to pre-write, draft, and final draft those goals. If they are important to you, you need to spend time constructing them.

Use a Planner

We always need an excuse to go to Target, right? Head over and grab a planner, desk calendar, dry erase board, sticky notes - anything! Once you see the goals in writing, they become real. This planner becomes your book of dreams, and I am strong believer that moms can dream big too. Check out this awesome free printable here that is great for goal-setting. 

Set an End Date

I want to have my personal training certification done by July 1st. Having an end in mind helps me focus and plan how each step will look and how long it will take. Plus, I can start making plans for the fall and prepare to open my own boot camp. With these visions in mind, I can get to work.

Be Realistic

We are moms - we work, we play, we need sleep. You know I am a big proponent of taking care of yourself so you can take care of them. So when setting your goals, realize you cannot do it all - and you definitely can't do it all today. I could easily study and make this certification my first goal in life, but that's not my reality. I need to pace myself and spend time with my family. Honor those commitments - and mainly that commitment to your well-being when setting your goals.

Chunk Your Goals

Look at the goals you've created then figure out the steps to finishing each one. For studying, I need to chunk my time for each topic, chapter, etc. For blogging, I need to look at one element at a time so I can improve this little blog. Each goal takes time and won't be accomplished in a day, so chunk them into little pieces and work on each one slowly. Give yourself that time so each one falls into place just as you envision.

Involve Others

Share your plans with friends - maybe those who are like-minded. My trainer knows my studying plans; my sweet friend, Kristy, supports my blogging goals. Both are mentors to me as they give great advice and check in when needed. Or, grab your besties and share your goals with them so they can be your cheerleaders. You will need others to rally around you as you push forward.

Reward Yourself

This reward isn't for the end- small rewards along the way are great motivators. If I study on my designated study days/times, I may use the next day to catch up on Fuller House :) Or, if your finances allow, go buy something nice for yourself - celebrate that you spent time on your goal and spend time on you. I may slowly buy workout equipment with each small goal I accomplish. Go for it - those small rewards push you towards the big reward at the end. 

I'm sharing this post today because I want to empower myself and others to keep going. We are going to have ROUGH days for sure, but just think of all you can do if you plan and set those goals. That day will make all the yucky ones in between worth it. We are all WORTH it. 

This little one is watching. I want her to be a goal-getter too! 

If you're ready to draft your goals, pin these tips - they'll help get you all set! What goals are you reaching for in 2016?


  1. Love this! I need to re-set too & this is great motivation!

    1. Thanks, friend! Add REST to your goal list though! And, I will add "hold my friend's baby" to mine :)

  2. Ireally liked reading this. I'm so glad I found you and your blog! Look forward to reading more:) Have a wonderful weekend! Xo

  3. I'm all for a reward at the end of the tunnel! :)

  4. I needed to read this tonight. I've been resetting goals in my head today, so it was nice to come across this!

    1. I reset all the time - I needed to commit by putting it out there! We can do it!


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