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Writing Your Resolutions

When I taught high school English, I always started our new semester with reflection. We wrote letters to our future selves focusing on what the past year meant to us. And even though I am no longer in that world, the English teacher in me has never left. 

We are a few weeks shy of the New Year, and some recent down days are trying to push me in a dark hole, but instead, I am giving myself an assignment. I hope you will join me - I am writing down my resolutions. Celebration is in order, not frustration.

I don't want to overwhelm myself with unrealistic expectations - that will just cause anxiety. But, I do have goals for 2016 that are big. When I write them down, they become real to me, and I envision my future self reading them and celebrating the successes that were once just dreams. 

The first step is to reflect on 2015 and be honest! I find that getting my thoughts into words (I like the actual writing on paper the best, but a computer can work!) holds me more accountable and physically releases these thoughts out into the world (oh hey there, little blog).

These are some thoughts to consider - think about the year that is ending as well as what your plans are for the new one beginning:

  • List the highlights of 2015. What did they teach you?
  • List the hard parts of 2015. What did they teach you?
  • What are you most proud of from 2015?
  • How do you plan to continue that success?
  • Make a physical goal for 2016 (eat better, get leaner, eat out less, try new recipes, try a new workout)
  • Make a mental goal for 2016 (worry less, show more affection towards others, be more generous with your time, sleep more, say no more)

When you are done, read your thoughts, say prayers over your words (prayers of thanks, forgiveness, and hope), and tuck it away to find months into 2016. My hope is that we all find success, joy, and brighter days. I can't wait to put my plans onto paper.

And I am going a step beyond my comfort zone and sharing my BIG plans for 2016 - now I feel really committed :)

1. Finish my personal training certification (which was a goal for 2015 - oops) by March. Plan a studying schedule that works and stick to it.

2. Improve my blog. I love reading blogs and connecting to bloggers who catch my attention. My goal is to do more of that on MY blog. A big 2015 resolution was to just START this blog, and while I have A LOT to learn and improve, I am so proud that I stepped out and made this little thing happen.

3. Continue to learn and improve my fitness. My fitness routine is another success for me in 2015. After years of figuring out a routine that works for me, I found a weekly plan that is making a difference.

4. Chill. The anxiety I have isn't going to disappear, but I am DETERMINED to work with it and not let it work ME.

New years resolution 2014:
In this busy holiday season, I urge you to find time to think about your resolutions and commit. Celebrate what's happened in 2015 and the best that is to come in 2016.

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