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Why Moms Should Try Exercise

You know the drill, you've seen the research... exercise is GOOD for you. We have been taught that for a very long time. You have heard me say bits and pieces as to why I do it. It's for my anxiety, sanity, mental just makes me better, so I make it a priority. My hope is that no matter your lifestyle, you fit it in so you can feel so much better - more inside than out.

I wanted to share my reasons for doing what I do - especially as a busy mom. Don't find time, MAKE time. And I hope these reasons motivate you to make that time soon!

Mommy Brain

Raise your hand if you know what I'm sayin'. I can remember many times being on the phone then telling the person to hold because I can't find my phone. For reals. Or, do you call your kids the wrong names? #raiseshand. Exercise improves brain function. I completely believe it. When I am able to work out in the morning, for just 30 minutes, I am more focused for the day. And I need focus when my toddler is climbing all the live long day.

Be a Good Example

My toddler sees me grab my tennis shoes and says "Mommy work out?" Or my son asks to workout with me because he knows he can get stronger. That makes my heart soar. When they see me moving, they want to move too. Just yesterday, my TV-lovin' son says he needs to stop being lazy and move more. Proud moment for sure. They are watching.

Be a Nicer Mommy

When I get my 30 minutes in or I am able to attend my boot camp class, I feel awesome. That time makes me nicer - to everyone. I know in that time I am making myself better which gives me a boost - something that makes the world look different. Cheesy? Yes. True? Absolutely.  Honestly, try 30 minutes of alone time for anything - pray, get up earlier and drink your coffee, head to the store alone, escape to read a book. Just get that time in for you and do something to recharge.

Sleep Better

When I would lie in bed at night, my mind would race with worries and to-do lists. Since I have made a commitment to working out 5-6 days a week, I honestly can tell you I sleep soundly. And, we all know sleep is critical to our health but even more so when you have toddlers to wrangle all day long. 

Improve Body Image

You know what you feel like after having a baby, and it's not Miss America. Your body takes a beating due to birth, nursing, carrying a human being, and just being so damn tired. It took me almost 15 months to gain stamina and settle into a routine. These journeys aren't easy and they don't happen over night, but once you feel better because of your hard work - you see just how beautiful you are after becoming a mom. 

Get Therapy

I am no stranger to anxiety - I've dealt with it all my life, especially after my dad died. When I first started having panic attacks, I sought the help of my doctor. He encouraged exercise. And guess what? Doc was right. It's therapeutic for me - toss in some fit friends to push and encourage me, it's like free counseling. Weirdly enough, when I feel anxiety coming on, I don't retreat into my hole like I use to, I move. And that has made all the difference.

I am in the process of getting certified so I can learn even more specifics about the benefits of exercise and nutrition. But for now...these reasons best describe why I, as a busy mom, need to keep active. Yes, it's not easy in our lives, but I promise that when you make this time for yourself, you will greatly reap the benefits.

If I can help you in any way or share more of my story, email me. I am here to help. 

With Love,

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