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Friday Finds {Vol. 6}

Happy July 4th weekend! If you are like us, you will be hitting the road this holiday weekend. I can tell you that there will be eating. I mean...GOOD eating since we are headed to Cajun country to see the family. To me, it's my second favorite vacation behind Disney World. I simply cannot wait.

Here's what I'm finding pretty awesome on this Friday...

Summer Viewing

We all know summer is a sad time for the avid TV watcher. Thank goodness for Netflix and good reality shows. I just completed season three of Orange is the New Black. Any fans out there?? It's hilarious, sad, scary, and yes...graphic, but I love these characters. My favorite is Taystee - she cracks me up every single episode. And no matter what, you always start to feel sad for these women, I root for most of them - unless they're meanies. I hope I don't have to wait too long for season four...

We also LOVE American Ninja Warrior. My son said it's his dream to be on that show. In fact, we made our own course in the living room.

My favorites are all the tough women who compete - no matter how far they go, I am inspired. Each episode makes me want to hit the gym. A local competitor has his own gym here in Texas, and my son wants to have his birthday party there - and this mom may try the course.


I am thankful for my book club and our commitment to reading. We have been together for over 10 years, and we love meeting, drinking wine, and maybe discussing the book - ha. This past time, we read The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. Holy suspense, Batman! I could NOT put this book down, and most friends feel the same. We had a great time discussing the main character, Rachel, and what drove her into this crazy life - and into the lives of those around her. Read it, stat! 

Next up, The Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll. We wanted to go with suspense again so this book, it is! Anyone read it??

Kid Fun

Imagine that - my son gets so bored in the summer, and there's NEVER anything to do. So, we woke up one day this week, and I declared it adventure day. I made him a quick scavenger hunt list and off we went to a shaded park nearby (Hi, Houston heat. Sheesh). He had to check out certain items as he found them. Once his list was complete, he deserved a reward. Little sister did her best to tag along - she copies his every move!

And, I even threw my OCD to the wind and let them run in the rain one day this week. My son declared it "the best day ever." Honestly, it was so sweet and perfect watching them laugh and run without a care in the world. We could learn quite a bit from kids, wouldn't you agree??


I am SO excited to start my teacher challenge next week! After a holiday weekend, we will all need to get ourselves straight. These awesome teachers are committing to a great program, and I can't wait as we support each other as we try something new. Accountability, people. I couldn't do my job or live my life without it.

Be blessed this weekend. Happy 4th, friends!

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