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Weekly Meal Plan - Easy Dinners

When planning our meals this week, I took a quick peek at what we have on hand and used these ingredients as my jumping board for the meal prep. We had a big grocery bill last week, so I am keeping it easy-peasy this time around. 

And I am so excited my friend, Page, told me about the new inserts for my Erin Condren planner. I love this planner and now even more because you can get these helpful additions. Thanks for sharing, Page!

I have the following goodies on hand and will use them this week:
Chicken breast
Ground turkey
Sweet potatoes
Cucumbers (garden fresh)

The first four items were purchased at Costco last week, and I froze them in portions perfect for us. We still have them and will use them this week #costcoforthewin :)

Monday - Grilled tilapia (seasoned with salt-free Mrs. Dash and grilled) with roasted veggies

Tuesday - Turkey and sweet potato tacos

Wednesday - Salmon and roasted veggies

Thursday - Chicken pesto bake/cucumber salad 
(sliced cucumbers with preferred seasonings and dressing)

Friday - OUT TO DINNER (Girls' Night to see Magic Mike - no cooking for mommy!)

To make my life easier for the week, I did my meal prep on Sunday. I washed and rinsed all my fruits and veggies so they will be ready for use. I also made these delicious egg "muffins" to grab for breakfast. My kids are egg freaks so this will go quickly. You can add the veggies as suggested, but you can also include turkey sausage or bacon, tomatoes, cheese, ham, or whatever makes you happy. I will keep it simple for the kiddos - bacon and cheese.

I also froze halves of bananas and a pint of blueberries for my morning shakes. I like the icy texture these fruits give to my Shakeology. 

I plan to roast veggies for a health side option for our fish dishes this week. And as luck would have it, I found all of these veggies picture below at Kroger - all in the same container. I just need to rinse, chop, and roast. Perfection. 

And let's not forget an easy option for the tired mama - a salad. I still have some mixed greens on hand so a quick salad would be great too. Add in your favorite veggies, boiled egg, leftover meats/fish, and you've got yourselves a salad. I am LOVING this dressing - made with yogurt! I will use it on my cucumber salad too. 

Click on the links on the dinner items for recipes. Enjoy a healthy week of good eats and treats! And...I look forward to a Friday date with Channing and friends :)

With Love,

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