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The "Brutiful" Mommy Life

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“If it’s easy and shiny - beware. If it stings a little - sit tight, get curious, then lean in.” Glennon, at Momastery, gets it; she just GETS it. She often says life is “brutiful” - the brutal ALWAYS transforms into the beautiful. I’ve had the brutal, sometimes I still feel the brutal leftovers, but she is right. It always turns to beauty.

After working for 13 years as a teacher/counselor, I decided to make a change for our family and stay at home. I really did love my job, but I knew I needed to stop. I was happy, but I felt like there was more for me, and people even questioned why I gave up what I worked so hard to complete. At times, the change was brutal - lonely, confusing, scary, and sometimes sad. I was in a different world, a completely different realm from where I lived comfortably for so long. I waited. I searched. I wanted the beautiful to come with my change.

When this last year started, I wrote down some goals because I wanted to eliminate the wonder and loneliness of my stay at home job. I wanted to write, to share my fitness goals, to become a teacher of another kind. I hesitated often because I was scared again - would it be too brutal to make all these things happen? I knew I gave up my previous career for my kids, but I wanted something for me again - something that gave ME a purpose. And I jumped in - a blogger, a fitness coach, and training to be a fitness instructor. It’s all happening after a lot of wondering.

The fear, the giving up of an old happiness, the goals - I did it. I felt like as a mom, I was okay with just being a mom. And don’t get me wrong, I am so happy. But, I am also thrilled with finding a new happiness - something that is for me, something I am sure will be brutal in the process, but so awesome in the end.

If you are a mom who is unhappy, find something for YOU. If you are working mom, find time for you and do your research. Maybe there is something more out there. And from my perspective, it doesn’t happen overnight. It may take a while and be rough, bumpy, and tiring, but just think about how beautiful it can be at the end. Moms deserve dreams too; we deserve the time to reach our goals; and we deserve to be an amazing role model for our beautiful kids.

Seek out those who can help you; reach out to someone who is in the role you want to be in one day. That’s exactly what I did, and I found the foundation to do more. Life isn’t always brutal; it isn’t always beautiful. But, it can be anything you make of it - we don’t have to be young and carefree to have goals.

I think if anyone knows how “brutiful” life can be, it’s the busy mom. Let it sting a little, it’s suppose to; just lean in and go.

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