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Friday Finds {Vol. 10} - The At-Home Gym

Happy Friday, friends! This week I want to share my favorite finds for an at-home gym. For the last few years, we have been members of a gym, but enter kids...and those trips get tricky. The best solution for us is to work out at home. Here are our tips for starting your personal fitness space.

Find Your Space

If you are limited on room, and kids have taken over your house, get creative. I use our office (now playroom) mainly because we have a great TV in there for playing my workout DVDs. It is a pain because that room needs to be cleaned often for me to have space, but we make it work. Clear a spot in your living room or bedroom and have access to a TV, computer, or iPad so you can play your workouts. Give yourself room - burpees can get ugly :)

Create/Collect Workouts

I am slowly building my workout library. I don't have much now, but I love rotating between these great programs. I also have access to Beachbody on Demand which includes many great workouts such as T25 and Insanity Max 30 as well as the workout programs I have purchased (they are automatically on my demand list).  I want to expand my program library so I will never get bored. If I am limited on time, I also create my own Tabata workout or do a search on Pinterest. There are plenty of great workouts available to you. You just need to make time to do it.

Utilize Useful Equipment

I recommend keeping three sets of weights in your home. I have 5 lb., 8 lb., and 10 lb. weights. Depending on the exercise and/or program, I may use them all in a workout. I also like having a band on hand as well. All of these pieces can be purchased at Academy or Target. In our garage where there is more room, we have a (1) stability ball, weight bench, and (2) a medicine ball. I can go to Beachbody on Demand and complete the workout there on an iPad or even on my phone. But, for these hot Houston summers, I'll stick to the A/C.

One critical piece of equipment is a (3) mat or (4) exercise floor. We use both for our at-home workouts. 


(1) Stability Ball
(2) Everlast Medicine Ball

(3) Exercise Mat
(4) Flooring
Seek Support 

Even when you're working out at home, you need support. I regularly check in with my support team to get tips, recommendations, and encouragement. Seek help from others when you're feeling in a rut or when you want to share your accomplishments. Accountability partners are the best. Look for @inkedfitnessprincess and @bump2buff on Instagram for amazing ideas. You can also search the hashtag #workoutathome or #nogymrequired for some great examples. 

Megan, my trainer/accountability partner and dear friend, creates great workouts for me when attending her boot camp. She is here sharing her favorite workout equipment - the Go Fit Power Loops (can be purchased at Academy or Target).

This fantastic fitness find was introduced to me before I became a personal trainer, and I have never wavered from incorporating them in my client’s routines and in the routines I create for myself. The package contains 3 resistance bands of different intensity - 10lb. 15lb. 5lb. - and a training book. These bands may be little, but their effect is huge! Resistance bands are a very diverse piece of workout equipment so get creative! I like to use them primarily for glutes. My personal favorites are lateral step (or peguin walk as I like to call them) or standing hip extensions (forward, side, and back). Hip extensions will help tremendously with your range of motion in your hip flexors and also serve as a great warm up for your hips before leg day. Both will be sure to get that booty burnin’!

I never thought I would like working out at home. The gym was great to get away for a bit, but with our busy schedules, finding my 30 minutes is easier to do at home on most days. Get up early, complete it during nap time, after work, or after the kids go to bed - and you don't have to factor in travel time to and from the gym. 

It's a learning experience, and I am learning every time I work out. My dream is to have a complete home gym - without having to move toys out of the way - and a space all my own. 

Remember - we are getting our next challenge group together right now. So far, we have 6 couples ready to rumble! It's a great way to start your at-home gym RIGHT NOW! *Click on the CURRENT CHALLENGE link at the top of the blog for more info*

With Love,

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