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Workout Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

Today is the perfect day to share my weekly workout routine because it's #workoutwednesday :) I hope this post helps someone see how you can make it work - in any lifestyle! First let me say that I am not perfect. I like wine. And queso. And chocolate. I use to consume these things quite often, but now I limit myself. My point is - I'm real. I like treats - A LOT. But, for the most part, I've been making better choices about how I take care of myself. So here's how I work off all the good stuff:

Monday - Shed n Shred Boot Camp! Our class meets on Mondays at a local park. The best part is that my son (who is 6) LOVES to come with me. Many of the moms have to bring their kids, and that's okay! There is a great playground right next to where we work out so it's perfect. And, he gets to see his mama work hard. Our workout is made of HIIT training routines, and it's non-stop awesomeness.

Tuesday/Wednesday - I have recently started to wake up earlier than the kids to get a workout in before the chaos starts. I cannot tell you what this does for my day - it gives me confidence to make better food choices and energy to keep up with my littles. I have done the 21-day fix, T25, Piyo, and I'm now on Body Beast. I LOVE THESE WORKOUTS. It feels like I went to the gym, but I am in the comfort of my own home. If I need something quicker on the days that I'm lazy or I have a talkative boy next to me, I just do a quick tabata like this one here

Thursday - Shed n Shred some more. NOTE: Houston folks, there is a Cypress location or one in the energy corridor if you're interested. Let me know, and I can direct you.

Friday - I do a home workout or I head to the gym if it's my hubby's day off. I get in a run there and do some strength training.

Saturday/Sunday - I run! I just started running, and in fact, I completed a 10K in February. I am not good beyond 3 miles on most days, but the feeling after a run is pretty awesome. I never thought I could be a runner, and now I love it. I used this schedule to prepare for my 10K. I am planning on a 10K in August and MAYBE a half marathon in December. Fingers crossed!

Recently, I had a working mom say to me how nice it is for me to work out during the day. I cracked up. There is NO way a workout can exist for 30 minutes or longer if my littlest is around - she is either sitting on my head or demanding a snack which is why I get up earlier. My workout routine would be the same if I was still working. If something gets in the way of the morning workout (like sleep or coffee), I do this workout with busy girl in tow.

And there you have it. I make it work, and you can too. If a workout video is not for you, check out Pinterest! It's FULL of home workouts that will leave you sweating in no time. I would love to hear your routines. I am always looking for something new. Stay fit, mamas!

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