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Vacation Detox

We just returned from a fun trip to Mexico with our dear friends. While we did workout once, we indulged even more - all inclusive. Need I say more?

Our travels did take a toll on my body, and I am paying for it this week. Here are some ways I am getting back into the groove.


My latest search on Pinterest was "vacation detox" - no lie. I found a couple of recipes and already tried one. Our return grocery trip included shopping the perimeters - only fruits, veggies, dairy, etc. My insides are tired of guacamole and mojitos.

This recipe was dinner last night minus the cheese. And check out these bright and delicious veggies. Yum. 


Y'all know I love this good stuff! I made my favorite shake this morning, and it filled me up and got me going for the day. Here are many reasons why I love this goodness - it fulfills my cravings and keeps me full.

Working Out

I'm not going to lie, I have been on the struggle bus (my new favorite term) since I got back from our trip. It's crazy how 3 days of treats and libations can turn your world around! I made my workout calendar for the week - I usually mentally prepare, but I felt like I need to commit to these "appointments" and get crackin'! For me and the good ol' OCD, when it's written down, it feels like a commitment (plus I have a secret obsession with marking things off a 'to-do' list #OCDstrugglebus).



Wait...what's that? Didn't I just do this on my vacay? Well, for now, rest is saying NO so this weekend we can have family time. No packing, no rushing, no commitments - just no. We don't say no often enough, so I am looking forward to a cozy weekend around the house. Try it - you and the fam will thank me!

I will be back later this week with some workouts for you to try. Until then, enjoy your week!

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