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Friday Finds {Vol. 3}

Right now, I feel like belting out Olaf's tune..."in summerrrrrr!" Frozen fans, anyone??

We have made it - our first year in the BIG school. I can't believe in August, I was crying watching my baby boy get on a bus to head to kindergarten. Now, here we are - alive, well, and ready. It's summer, friends!

Let's get started on what I'm finding this first Friday of summer...


The boy got off that big yellow bus for the very last time, and mom got him! I wanted a way to really celebrate summer - a silly string attack worked perfectly. Even better? A pool/pizza party with friends complete with special summer goodies. We will be in this pool quite a lot in the next few months.

I use this calendar for all our good times happenin'. The boy keeps us social, and up first, he's going to Grandma's. He has been counting down the days until he's with his granny and cousins. I am so excited for him. 

Mom and Dad are off soon for a vacay of our own. Freedom. Beach. Beverages. That's all you need to know :)

Meal Prep

Speaking of plans and travels, I don't want to fall too off track when on the move, so I plan to prep some meals to take with us especially with a road trip this weekend.

Here are some of my favorite snacks for the road:

  • mixed fruit (berries and grapes for sure) for everyone
  • KIND granola bars - we love the Oats n Honey
  • Chicken apple sausage (found at Costco) - I plan to cook some up and use in my breakfasts and some lunches while we are gone (cooler required for travel)

  • Shakeology - my go-to breakfast every day. I prefer it mixed with almond milk, but water works just fine too! 

Summer is a great time to go with the flow, not have a schedule, and just see where the days take you. But, I don't plan to stop my workout routine. Starting June 15, I am starting a challenge group for serious folks who are ready to see just how fitness can change you for the better. This challenge group, above all, will help each one of us stay focused. Training schedules and a meal plan too! 

I'm still challenged on a daily basis (says the Cracker Barrel biscuits I couldn't avoid last night). I need support which is one of the reasons this challenge is so important to me. I've changed - inside and out. It's the inside part that keeps encouraging me to go further - I hope I can be that encouragement for you. Shoot me an email at Even if it's just a question, I'm here for you!

Enjoy your weekends! Happy summer days are a ahead, my friends!

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