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A Review

Oh here she goes again...talking that Beachbody stuff. Why, yes I am. You know I love my workouts, but there was one thing that I wasn't so sure about over one year ago.

In January 2014, I knew I had to get my health in check - for me and for my family. I purchased the 21-Day Fix to do just that. I considered Shakeology, but since I was a new stay-at-home mom, I didn't want to pay so much for this product. 

So, I resisted. I also kept using my protein powder to make my shakes, And, I kept snacking on anything chocolate I could find. No Oreo was safe in my house. The cravings were routine - I NEEDED an afternoon snack or mocha or something sweet to "keep me going." Little did I know, these sweet cravings were slowing me down. 

Just a few months ago, Shakeology once again appeared in my life, and I was able to try a sample. I had 3 samples of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla that were suppose to last me 3 days. They lasted 1 1/2. Why? Because they were so darn good, and the kids slurped them down like nobody's business. The next day, my son asked for one for breakfast - I mixed in some banana, spinach, and PB2. Jackpot - picky eater guzzled down his shake in no time. After school that day, he ran home begging me to make one more; hence the reason we ran out so quickly.

I went back to my coach to get information yet again about the cost of Shakeology. We talked through it's benefits and costs. We talked through my fitness goals and accomplishments. We talked about my future in fitness. And, now here I am using products I love and drinking my Shakeology. Why did I wait so long?? Now two months in with my shakes, I see such a difference. 


I no longer crave the sweet stuff. If I do, I make a quick shake and get my chocolate fix taken care of quickly. And, I no longer snack on Oreos and Chips Ahoy. I felt empty after those treats; now I feel full.


This part is not just for me but for my entire family - especially my kids. My son loves to create his own smoothie every single day. I love that my picky eater is getting nutrients he may not get otherwise. My toddler is a big fan too.


I have my shake right after my morning workout then I feel so energized to take on the day. On the mornings I don't follow this routine, I feel sluggish and unmotivated. When I put all these changes together, I knew my new routine was the reason I felt so much better to face the day 

Saving $

The cost was my first complaint. But, then I thought about my afternoon runs to Starbucks or all the snacks I use to buy, and I was sold. It's a full meal so the cost is cheaper than running out and picking up fast food. Also, the protein powder I use to put in my shakes was pricey as well. And, it didn't fill me up like this one does. 

If you have questions about Shakeology, reach out and find someone who can help. Grab a sample and see for yourself. I am sad I waited so long, but I now know it's worth the wait. 

I give it 5 stars :)

Happy shakin', friends!

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