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Tips to Make Personal Fitness Goals (Plus the #100MileChallenge)

Don't ask me how it's August. We are getting back-to-school ready and making some changes at home, too. Our lazy summer days will soon be replaced with our regularly scheduled program. While it can be hard to say goodbye, I thrive on structure and feel my kids do as well.

But, the changes aren't stopping with school and all it brings. The hubs and I have recently set new fitness goals - and they start fresh today. Ready to put some pep in your step? Check out these simple tips we are following to get refreshed and renewed.

I was recently listening to a Joel Osteen podcast which focused on taking care of yourself every single day. We need to nurture all aspects of our lives - the spiritual, the emotional, the mental, AND the physical. God wants us to nurture ourselves to be our best version. How does that happen when you are tired, busy, and unsure?

Set a SPECIFIC goal

Set how many days you want to work out. Run a 5K. Try Zumba. Walk 30 minutes everyday. No matter what, put your goal into words. My husband has been wanting to get back into working out, but his work schedule is crazy. This weekend, he committed to an early morning boot camp, and more than being excited, I am proud. Set that goal and put it into action.

And, I am tackling a "Before 40" bucket list item and signing up for a half marathon. I've run smaller races and though I'm fearful, there's a fire in me that says DO IT! Goal created and calendared.

Plan how you want to MEET that goal

Even if this half is the only one I ever do, I am passionate about it. The race day is set, and my running schedule planned. I'm scared as all get out, but I'm going to run (and perhaps walk) for my life.

Whatever your goal may be, get it on the calendar, set your "due date," and go. We are all crazy busy with littles and life so adjust schedules as needed. We deserve this time to kick butt. Bonus: the kids are watching. They are watching their hot mama crush some goals.

Gather your TRIBE

Gather them, love them, and cheer them on. I am no Olympic runner, and I may come in last, but I know that so many of my peeps will give me the boost I need. My nephew is running too - though his pace is WAY faster than mine - just knowing he is there along side me on the trail will make me want to cross that finish line even more.

Do not strive for PERFECTION

I will not have a awe-inspiring pace, and I may stop too much, but my goal is the finish line. You may skip a workout because you need that 30 minutes to chill instead of burpee. You may oversleep.  You may indulge too much. But, you get back up and keep going. You're changing - inside more than out, and you start to see the benefits of your dedication.


We made babies. We love them SO hard. They cling to us in good times and bad. So, show them just how amazing it is to set AND meet goals. Be strong for them. But most importantly, celebrate YOU. We need to take care of ourselves so we can take care of them.

Then, go get ya some champagne and toast to those shattered goals!


Now, for a fitness challenge. When I was coaching, I started an accountability group of strong women who support and encourage each other. Since January, we have continued to push each other. Now, we have a new goal.

Inspired by a friend who recently accomplished some fitness goals this summer (Hey, Kelly O!), we are committing to a #100MileChallenge.

Starting today - August 1st - we are tracking our mileage until November 1st. Walk. Run. Crawl if you have to. Or, put that Fitbit to use and track your steps into miles. Keep going and set that goal to reach 100 miles in just 3 months.

If you want to join us, post your progress on social media and use the hashtag #100MileChallenge. The goal is set. The tribe is waiting. Join us!

Let's get moving! You will be SO glad you did.

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