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7 Questions to Ask your Kids After School

We are a week into the school year, and by the time my son gets home, I seriously could scoop him up and squeeze him. Being that he is almost 8, he isn't so sure about those crazy mom displays of affection. I also could drill him with questions about his day, but I quickly learned he needs a few minutes to decompress.

Since we are three years into "big" school, I know how to approach him about his day. Though I am anxious for a play-by-play, he clearly is not. He has talked, shared, read, counted, etc... all the live long day so I no longer expect a deep conversation when he walks in the door. Also, the routine question of "what did you do today?" goes nowhere. Usually, as he snacks, unwinds, and even before bed that night, we go through some of these questions - 7 good ones to ask your kids about their school day.

I don't grill him one by one until I get answers, and I definitely don't ask them all. It's just a list of favorites that always seem to spark his interest and clue me into what his day is like. At this point, he knows what may be asked so sometimes the convo just happens. See if these 7 could be used with your school peeps!

What made you happy today?

Did anything make you sad today?

What did you and your friends talk about at lunch?

Name a new friend you met today. Tell me one thing about him/her.

What good choice did you make today?

Tell me one thing you learned today that you thought was cool.

What are you excited to learn next?

You could take your questions a step further and create these awesome question cards. I love this idea - making it more of a game peeks their interest as well.

Another idea is to grab a spiral and have them write their answers. Not a bad idea to practice some handwriting while you're at it.

Or, let them ask YOU the questions  - you can share what made you happy or sad. Hearing what good choices mom made today allows them to see you have responsibility in your day, too. When mom shares, it's a great model for the youngsters.

I'd love to hear your ideas - what are some ways you learn about your child's day at school? Best wishes for a great school year and great conversation!

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  1. Love these questions!! Especially the one about naming a good choice that was made today! Such a good teachable moment!

  2. I love these. We always do a high point low point that we talk about at dinner. But I love the good choice question. My son is almost 4 so we talk a lot of good/poor choices. That's a great question.

  3. These are so great! And I'm so glad y'all are having a good start to the year. :) Love you!


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