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Friday Finds {Vol. 31} - Finding Humor

This week has been emotional - I hesitated to start posting about mental health. In fact, right before I was to publish my first post, I froze. I was anxious (what's new) and excited all in one - my hope is these posts will encourage just ONE person to reach out to anyone for the first step or the next step in their healing. Blessed by all of you who read, commented, and shared. Big thanks.

And now we've hit Friday, and I don't want this week to end with the heavy - I want to go out with some humor. Heaven knows I need laughs more than ever. What better way to find the comedy than from the mouth of babes.

When you are a mom and life around you spins, these little people jolt you back into reality. Here's a few snippets of our week - I give kids.

Big brother had his first day of school. When I was a student - and a teacher - the first day use to make me nervous. I never slept the night before and was a bundle of nerves walking into the school. I am so glad this one does not have my anxiety! He barely blinked, hopped on the bus, and was increasingly annoyed with my photos.

Little sis and I counted down the minutes until he got home. They embraced, and it was the cutest. Then, he runs to me and says, "Mom! I am still hungry. I need TWO sandwiches in my lunch next time." If that's his biggest complaint of the day, AND he is ready to go back the next, I am all good in the hood.

Speaking of little sister, you know how they say a quiet toddler is never a good thing? They would be 100% correct. Always suspicious of this one when all goes silent. Like when she decide this week was a good one to remove the couch stuffing from our pillows. It was like little tufts of clouds exploded in my living room, and it wasn't heavenly. I swear my brother whispers these ideas into her head.

She is also REALLY GOOD at schmoozing, too. When driving to gymnastics this week, she's being super cute (sneaky little thing) so I say, "do you know how much I love you?" This girl screams, "YOU BET I DO!" Heart melts and couch stuffing chaos is forgotten.

We also had her Meet the Teacher on Thursday. She was SO excited to go back to her school from last year. On the way there, I again took advantage of her good mood and said, "I love you, my big, big girl." Her response? "I love you, my big, big mommy." Not sure if I need to hit the gym more or what, but I will take it. Made my heart giggle for sure.

What about you? Tell me more - what crazy, cute thing has your child said this week?

Oh how they make us so tired yet fill our hearts with love and remind us that even when the days are long and we may be down, they love us no matter what. That keeps me going.

I hope you all have the best weekend - full of laughs. Love to all of you!

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  1. SO cute!! I love how he exclaimed he wanted TWO sandwiches next time!! ❤️ Glad his first day went so well! xx


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