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How She Saved Me {A Letter to My Daughter}

Today is my baby girl's third birthday. Exactly three years ago today, a girl completed our family. She entered a world of boys - made my mom a grandmother of her first granddaughter. She entered a world of protection - her brother and cousins awaiting her arrival. She entered my heart in the most awesome and surreal way possible. She was our dream come true.

We were told that we may only have one baby. We were told I was perhaps "too old" to have another. We were in a waiting period to see what was next for us when God gave us His answer. Two pink lines began a pregnancy that gave us our pink and pretty princess.

As she turns 3 and enters her threenage years, it's clear to see just how she saves me. How she is saving my entire family. She is a wild, fearless, and stubborn child, but I know her characteristics were created for a bigger purpose. She brings us overpowering joy and makes us laugh (and go a bit crazy) every single day. How she saved me is how I want to honor her on her special day.

My Emmy girl,

One day, I will describe how perfectly you completed our family. How your brother told us from the very beginning that you would be a girl. When we learned he was correct, we began buying all things pink. We dreamt of bows and tea parties.

When you arrived, you were quickly outspoken and determined - our firecracker. Sleeping was for the weak, you thought, so we had to design a way to get you to snooze. Once you were mobile, the world was amazing - the more dangerous for you, the better. You made me worry more but love like crazy. Soon, the bows were tossed aside hindering your on-the-move personality. You picked up brother's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle weapons and found delight. You climbed (and still climb) any surface possible. We have rearranged furniture more times than we can count.

You are social; you are loving. You know what you want and when you want it (NOW), but this outgoing side of you is exciting. Though you are fearless, I love that nothing scares you. See, I am not like that so I am pleased to see you are carefree. This year, we lost your uncle, and we are hurting. Yet, when our hearts want to cry, you know how to hug, say the cutest thing, or try your latest stunt that brings us back into the present.

Now that your uncle is in his Heavenly home, I am seeing more and more how this gregarious and giving nature is identical to him. Could it be that God knew we'd need a little one like you? I'd like to think so. Maybe our long wait for you came at the right time. Maybe you can feel Uncle Doug's spirit more than the rest. Who knows, but I do know you bring your grandma such joy. I know your busyness and constant movement puts me in the moment - I bet Uncle Doug is whispering in your ear or even giving you that lift you need to sit on the countertops.

And, I know your plan is going to be so great. You will not take life lightly; you will not let people push you around. You are feisty and you are funny.

You are my world. My buddy. My lifesaver. I wish nothing for you but continuous joy and laughter because that is what you give us.

May God bless you on your third birthday and for many birthdays to come. Thank you, sweet love, for saving me. I love you, little monkey.

Love, Mom

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