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My Dream Workspace

In my "past" life, I was a teacher and a counselor - for 13 years to be exact. I've mentioned before how I was blessed to stay at home once my second child was born. And, I've mentioned how it has made me "re-plan" what I want to do with my life. I don't feel the pull into education as I once did; I want to educate moms - with health and fitness. 

At the beginning of 2015, I wrote down my resolutions which included getting healthier, getting certified, and starting a blog. I love to write, I want to inspire, and I want to let other moms know that I get it. My message has always been that we are real people behind the "mom mask," and we deserve to have dreams/goals too - no matter our age (Hi, I'm pushing 40!). My blog needs work - pictures need to be better, content could improve, audience needs to grow, etc. But, for my first year, I am proud of what's come out of it, and I can't wait to keep going. 

I'm currently working on my fitness certification so I can have my own boot camp for busy moms. Not in a gym, but with a small group of moms who want to make fitness integral in their lives. I would also love to do online training so I can help moms whether they are working or staying at home.  

To make these visions happen, I would love a space in my home that is MINE - as an office and possibly a workout room. WeWork inspired me to share my dream workspace that would fit both the office and exercise format. WeWork is a coworking company with a mission to create a world where people make a life, not just a living! They are inspiring others to consider shared office spaces but also benefits and discounts for people who run their own business.

Before I show you my dream, let's see my reality. Our guest bedroom serves as our "office." I don't love it, but with two kids and toys galore, we had to make do. This room houses amenities for our visitors and also works well as an office. Take a peek into our space.

Now, my OCD is doing a backflip. I want to get in here and organize like crazy. Problem is - I am married to an IT guy so computer gadgets are everywhere. Until we rearrange and finish some other house duties, this office will do. I want a new computer, a new camera, and new other things that just aren't affordable right now. But, man oh man, if they were.... these spaces would be my dream.

The Daily Nest/ Palladian Blue guest room:
The colors in this room are perfect - something bright and cheerful so I can workout and motivate others plus myself. I love the small desk and simple decor; I could work/blog/video chat here and save the other side for working out. Since I workout at home with my fitness programs, I can use the equipment I have in my home gym (a.k.a the kids' toy room now - see the chaos below). 

I love this set up below for a workout space. Nothing fancy - just the basic equipment and my TV to play my favorite workouts. It's simple, and I love that. 

What do you have to have in your home office? My wheels are turning, and I am about to blow up Pinterest. Thanks to WeWork for the inspiration!

With Love,

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