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Weekend Recap

Wow - fall came rushing in with beautiful weather, football, and other fun events. My coffee needs coffee after all the fun we had. Shoot, my almost 7-year-old may need some too. He hasn't stopped moving since Friday!

Here are 5 things we did on this beautiful fall weekend. Fall brings out the fun, that's for sure.

ONE - Shopping

As I mentioned here, some friends tagged along as I went for another round of Round Top fun. I was able to see my sister and shop around with some delicious mimosas. Y'all, make time to go in the spring. Grab some girlfriends and make it a weekend. TOO. MUCH. FUN.

TWO - Football

We took the big guy to his first football game. And, we did it RIGHT by taking him to the heart of it all - Kyle Field in Aggieland. He was a good sport with all the walking and reminiscing mommy made him do. To cap off the day, he snapped a pic with one of the yell leaders. What an amazing example of a respectful young man for my son to see. And we won again so GIG 'EM!

THREE - A Show

My friend, Kristin, and I took the kids to see Peter Pan 360 on Sunday. The kids' faces were worth it - my boy even high-fived Captain Hook. Day made. Check tour dates to see if it's coming near you - you will not regret it. 

FOUR - Running

I was pooped after all this fun, but the weather was calling me to hit the pavement. Three miles later, I don't regret a run in the crisp air. I wasn't too excited about the snake I saw, but at least I picked up my pace trying to get away from it. Check out my beginner running tips if you haven't already - these tips greatly helped my run today.

FIVE - Reunion

I am one week away from my 20th high school reunion, and let me tell you - I AM EXCITED. The bummer is that my husband has his the same weekend in another town, so we have to split up and celebrate being old separately. I helped plan mine so I am so excited to see old friends and just let loose. Overload of pictures coming soon. Until then, I leave you with this gem from 1995. Wowzers. 

How about you?? How was your weekend? 

With Love,

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