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Friday Finds {Vol. 17} - My Favorite Shop

I want to make this Friday Finds about my family. As I've share before on the blog, we've been through quite a bit in the last 13 years. Losing our dad was hard on us - and to be honest, we've grieved differently. I can't exactly paint a picture of what those weeks/months/years were like when he first passed, but trust me, rough doesn't even begin to describe it. 

But, I do want to celebrate my family. We bicker, we pick, we struggle; but, we don't lose focus on one another. Even when the times are tough - because they can be extremely tough all this time later - we get back up again. And that's what I want to share with you today. 

If you have a sister, and you are close, you know what a blessing it is. When you have a sister who has a child close in age to yours, they are more like brothers. When you need to laugh at something so silly, you text your sister, and you die laughing. When you feel like crying, you reach out to your sister, and you'll end up dying laughing. When they struggle, you struggle. When they succeed and thrive, you cheer. 

For many months now, my sister has been prepping for her first show in Round Top, Texas. Before I explain more about her endeavors, you need to try Round Top if you never have before - trust me. This tiny town puts on an antiques show twice  a year, and it's SO MUCH FUN. Fields and fields of great shopping and antiquing, yummy food (and beverages!), creations beyond your imagination, and seriously the best time. We go each time they have their shows.

BUT --- this year, my sister will have her own "show" or booth in Round Top. She has furniture, jewelry, home decor, and gifts galore. And, she has made it all herself. She keeps sending pictures, and I can't wait to get my hands on these creations. 

I've already planned two trips while it's going on - you can find out more info HERE or on their Facebook page. I CANNOT WAIT to see my sister's hard work on display not to mention all the success I know will come her way.

After you get to Round Top, I urge you to bookmark her Etsy shop to see what she will have to offer. I congratulate my sister on persevering. Holy moly, our dad is beaming. This dream, her dream, is what happens when you push on through the yucky times. Her dream proves God is good. 

Jilly, I am so proud of you. Now pass me my margarita, mama's ready to shop!

With Love,

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