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The Fall Bucket List

Remember when we were gearing up for summer and our summer bucket list? How is it already October?? As much as I love the lazy days of summer, I LOVE LOVE LOVE fall. Football, birthdays (my oldest), cooler weather (Hi, I'm from Texas), pumpkins, pumpkin patches - you name it, I love it.

Of course with all the fun fall brings, we need another bucket list. So, let's catch up on the fun there is to be had as the leaves begin to fall...

1. Decorate for fall - I really never decorated much for the fall months; I saved it all for Christmas! But, since I've had kids, they love all things pumpkin and leaves. 

Look at me getting crafty!
2. Pumpkin patches - A local church goes big with their annual pumpkin patch. And, it starts October 9. You can see all their fun decorations, grab a treat, and take home a pumpkin of your choosing. Look for one in your area - check the local churches.

3. Pumpkin carving - Each year, we do a pumpkin carving contest with good friends. The adults get serious with their pumpkins. And since the kids shouldn't have knives, we let them go to town and paint their pumpkins.

4. Dewberry Farms - This farm is my favorite - mainly because the kids go nuts for the trampolines, trail rides, corn maze, and good eats. We like to go on a Sunday and let them go crazy. 

5. Comfort food - I think of warm soups and cornbread when the weather gets cooler. Here is one of my favorites - how could you go wrong with Ree Drummond??

Recipe HERE
6. Starbucks - Okay, so I am not a fan of the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Gasp, I know. Really, I prefer a simple cup of coffee at home, but there's something festive about those cups! This year, they had me at pretty leaves. 

7. Running - As I mentioned here, I am getting back into running. Fall weather is perfect for a cool morning run. There's something nice about the cool wind blowing instead of sweat dripping into your eyeballs. 

8. Tricks and Treats - This time of year is great for getting crafty with the kids. But, by far, our favorite is to BOO our neighbors! My son loves to leave treats for his buddies and hope they return the favor to someone else. The dollar bin at Target is a hit for this activity. You could even BOO a mama friend and leave some BOOze on her doorstep #bestneighborever

Check out my Pinterest page for great BOO ideas!

9. Birthday parties - There is a certain almost 7 year old in my house, and now that he's older, the party planning is SERIOUS. And, thanks to American Ninja Warrior, we are going to have the BEST party this year. Check out Iron Sports and you will see why. I think mom may participate in this party!

10. Football - I really only like to watch my Aggies play, but I do like having Game Day on as well as the sounds of a football game coming from the living room on a Saturday. Tailgating food and friends make it even better. I am also so excited to take my boy to his first game at Kyle Field. I might cry with excitement. 


I just can’t stop making thesrs #KeepCalm pictures! #Aggies #tamu #Instagram #GigEm #Kyle #AnM #Logo #Whoop #Students #InstaLike #Maroon #White #CollegeStation #CStat #Traditions (at Kyle Field)
And there you have it, friends! What would you add to your fall bucket list? 

With Love,

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