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What Always A New Day Means To Me

I don't think I've ever shared the reason behind Always A New Day - the blog name, that is. I have touched on it in my About Me page, but with this month being Mental Health Awareness Month, it feels like the right time to dig deeper. The name began with an idea from a friend then progressed into what's become pretty special to me.

For me, my why is HEALTH. The physical, the emotional, and the mental. When I began brainstorming the name for my space, I sought out advice from friends. My sweet friend, Lori, recommended There's Always Wine At The End Of The Day. Girl knows me well. She knows my anxiety and my worries, but she also gets my sense of humor, my parenting, and my hardships. I wanted to encompass it all with Always A New Day - shortened and sweet, though wine does happen some days :)

I worry every day. I stress everyday. I get sad some days. I panic on others.

I also love being a mom. I love writing. I have a passion about sharing what is good and what is not. I love things that make my life easier. I love sharing what makes up my everyday.

At the end of that day, whether it's the best day ever or one I can't figure out, I remind myself God has plans for a new day. And wherever that day takes place, I have a chance to go again.

When my days are the gross ones, I remember I've gotten through so much. My friends and my family save me even when they don't know they are doing so. They are with me and pushing me to start that new day - even when the new start seem so far away.

For all of us, there's always a new day or a new horizon coming. Trust me, even when that just doesn't seem possible, I know it most definitely is. And most importantly, I know you are not alone. You are not alone because I'm waiting for that new day right along with you.

So, welcome, new and old friends. Join me in my ramblings. Join me in my joy. Join me in my fears, worries, sadness, grief, grit, and strength. Always A New Day is my hope that no one feels alone. I hope that you can find things to make your new days easier, more fun, and a tribe that reminds you how far you've come.

That's my WHY. My mental health and yours. Sharing this little voice I have with even one person who gets it is worth it all.

Thanks for joining me in the quest for all things new. Rejoicing, hoping, and believing.


  1. I love everything about the name you chose. There’s truly “always a new day”. New beginnings and new opportunities.


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