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What's On My Summer Reading List

There's something about the lack of routine, the lazy mornings, and all the pool days of summer that make reading more enjoyable. During the school year, there's just so much going on that I can barely keep my eyes open after the kids are down. But, not this summer, folks. I am about to up my reading game.

Check out what's on my summer reading list for 2017. I love to spend time finding books I know I will love. I often use the feature on Amazon that chooses selections based on your past reads. Here's what I am reading next.

Truly Madly Deeply - Big Little Lies fans? Check out another from Liane Moriarity. I have read a few of hers and can't put them down. She always grabs me with her characters, their mysteries, and their crazy lives. I will probably put her books at the top of my list!

Three Wishes - See above. I am so excited to learn she has another one I haven't read! This one follows triplet sisters as they navigate their way though marriage, work/life balance, and all the secrets. The description of "wise, witty, and hilarious" makes this a must-read for me.

Present Over Perfect - Another big recommendation has been Shauna Niequist's collection of essays. Adult life/mom life is a complicated mess of goodness and sorrow. We question our every move so I love that this book invites us "to consider the landscape of your own life, and what it might look like to leave behind the pressure to be perfect and begin the life-changing practice of simply being present, in the middle of the mess and the ordinariness of life."

Ladies' Night - I admit - bright, fun covers do grab my attention. This book follows the ups and down of a prominent lifestyle blogger who navigates through life changes and marriage woes. Sounds like the perfect light read.

The Couple Next Door - Time to switch up the light for some suspense! Lies, betrayal, twists, secrets. This one sounds juicy, and I am in. A terrible crime is committed at a dinner party, and the reader is left to decide who did it all. Which couple is to blame? Who is hiding a secret? I love a good mystery, and this one fits the bill.

The Magnolia Story - Confession: this book as been on my list for SO long. We love Chip and JoJo so I am excited to read more of their story. From her faith to her vision for her family and her business, Joana Gaines is a role model for any busy, driven mama.

Left Neglected - This book reminds me of What Alice Forgot by Liana Moriarity where a mom - in a crazy rush to get life done - get into an accident that forces her to reevaluate priorities and relationships. A book about finding yourself is the midst of chaos always has my attention.

Into The Water - Did you love The Girl on the Train? One of my favorite thrillers of all time. Now, Paula Hawkins is back to follow the stories of two deaths that bring up past secrets in a small town. There is one person who ties it all together, and we read to learn more about what connects them all. Sounds like another page-turner.

The Magic of Motherhood - I keep seeing my Insta-friends posting about this book. Anything about motherhood - the real and the raw, sign me up! This book's description says it's like a long coffee date with a dear friend. Motherhood is hard, beautiful, and scary. The content of this book acts as a support group of moms who feel they are alone in their struggles and triumphs. I can't wait to dig in!

NINE BOOKS. Is this mama too ambitious? I might be, but I am missing that escape that can only come from a good read. My book club got lost in all the crazy school year mess, but we plan to reconvene, and I am glad we have this list to get us started.

What's on your summer reading list? Need more ideas? See the books I LOVED last summer HERE. I will be back to book blogging soon and update what has been my favorite. Stay tuned!

Happy reading, friends! And happy SUMMER!

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  1. wow this list is really amazing. i have read some of these but the rest of these are un touch yet so I am surely gonna read all the rest of these ,this summer for sure :)


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