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How To Work Out At Home - Even With A Busy Schedule

It's a new week - another hot week here in Texas. We are knee deep into summer and loving every second. Though our schedules have been laid back, there are still two kids at home who want snacks every 2.4 minutes and bicker just as much. In the midst of all the summer chaos, when do you take time for yourself?

I love to share anything fitness. "I work out so I don't wig out." Seriously. Working out is for my mental health more than anything - it reminds me that through loss and grief, my body still works, and I am still trucking along.

When I can't take a class at my favorite workout (Orangetheory Fitness - though the hubs calls it my "Orange Therapy") I find time to workout at home. So, I was thrilled when Aaptiv reached out for me to try their awesome fitness programs. It's the perfect audio fitness app - and perfect for the busy mom!

Aaptiv has TONS of programs for your favorite kind of workout - cycling, treadmill, running, strength training, yoga, and more! The best part? You can take the classes (with the guidance of a trainer!) anywhere AND anytime.

So how do you work out at home with kids and a busy schedule? Aaptiv helps you find the time - many of the programs are 7-10 minutes long. You can do one or combine a few if you want more of a burn. See what your schedule allows and pick your desired workout with the time you have. Most days, I let my kids watch a show while I exercise or complete it during quiet time. Another favorite is when the kids are in the pool, I stand along side and squeeze in a sweat session.

There is a also a great maternity program for expecting moms. Top-tier talent from the fitness industry will lead you through pre and postnatal exercises - great workouts for each trimester! Aaptiv has your back during pregnancy and post that sweet baby's arrival.

Added perks - the trainers who coach you through each move, each interval, and each minute. They pump you up and motivate you in the comfort of your own home - the upbeat playlist adds some extra fun to your workout, too!

Special thanks to Aaptiv for inspiring this post and allowing me to try these amazing workouts. I can't wait to do more at home - you can do it, too. Click HERE to start your free trial.

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Have a happy and healthy week, my friends!

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