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40 Self-Care Ideas - For The Anxious Mom

Summer is coming, and while I am SO excited to take a break from crazy routines, my anxiety has popped up as of late. What will we do with all that time? Is it okay to watch THAT much television? How will I handle the sibling rivalry on a daily basis? My head spins with the "what ifs," and it can play those mind tricks I desperately try to fight.

I am a BIG believer in ME time and self-care. When you know anxiety so well, you have to be creative and INTENTIONAL in taking care of yourself. So while summer is coming, I know that I have to make myself a priority with these self-care ideas.

1. Wake up early for quiet time/coffee/devotional.
2. Make time for your physical health. Get up and move!
3. Talk to someone and get advice.
4. Read a good book.
5. Read a good cookbook.
6. Plan out a new meal to put in your rotation.
7. Watch an old movie.
8. Watch a movie with your spouse.
9. Ask your spouse to take kids out for an hour (or more!).
10. Start a daily devotional.
11. Start a gratitude journal.
12. Color in a an adult coloring book.
13. Give yourself grace.
14. Go on a date.
15. Utilize parents days/nights out.
16. Sit down during naptime.
17. Binge watch a new show.
18. Eat that ice cream.
19. Turn off the TV and play your favorite tunes.
20. Brainstorm a list of possible new hobbies.

21. Dedicate time to learn a new hobby.
22. Take a bubble bath.
23. Enjoy a glass of wine on a Monday. Or Tuesday. Or any day.
24. Plan a weekend of nothing.
25. Pick a date and plan a girls night in.
26. Pick a date and plan a girls night out.
27. Hire a babysitter once a week.
28. Search Pinterest for a an easy DIY craft.
29. Turn off the news.
30. Pray.
31. Write down your prayers.
32. Tuck them away in a box to pray over often.
33. Spend quality one-on-one time with each child.
34. Schedule social media time so you don't get in the comparison game.
35. Try yoga at a local yoga studio.
36. Spend alone time in Target.
37. Eat lunch out alone.
38. Take a nap or lie down listening to soothing sounds.
39. Say 'no' more often.
40. Forgive yourself.

I think I can make these things work. Sure, kids need a summer break, but don't we need a break every now and then, too? Now, sit back and make your self-care "to-do" list. Take care of YOU so you can take care of them!

What's on your self-care list? Make it good because you deserve it! Happy summer - here we go!


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