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3 Day Refresh - A Review (and a Challenge)

As I have posted on IG, I just finished the 3 Day Refresh from Beachbody. Since I love all of their products, I wanted to try this one as well. I also wanted to scale things down a bit and get my body back from some poor eating habits.

My love for all things Beachbody comes from the fact that I have tried many programs and Shakeology. I felt as though I needed to try this refresh to be able to fairly suggest it to others. To be able to understand how it works, here's how each day breaks down -

  1. Breakfast - Shakeology + fruit option (you can put the fruit in your shake or have separately)
  2. Mid-morning - Fiber Sweep Shake (mix included in kit that you mix with water and drink)
  3. Lunch - Vanilla Fresh shake (also comes with kit that you mix with water) + fruit + veggie + a healthy fat (avocados, hummus, coconut oil, or almond butter)
  4. Snack - veggie + healthy fat
  5. Dinner - Vanilla Fresh + Dinner Recipe (provided in kit's program guide)
Overall, it was a tough 3 days for me. As I told a friend, I wanted to dive into a bowl of queso on day 2. But, it was tough because my body was definitely detoxing all the junk I had consumed lately. In the end, I lost 5.2 pounds and definitely feel lighter. Doing this refresh has reminded me to make better choices and to make them more often. The meal ideas were great; I love me some hummus, and the recipes provided did not disappoint. However, there were rough moments too. I wasn't skipping around feeling healthy and free; I struggled. And, I want to be honest with the pros/cons of the refresh.


Day one was ROUGH. I started off great because I normally have a shake for breakfast so this part was not new for me. But, if you love coffee and all its goodness like I do, you have to change it up a bit and drink it black on these days. NO THANKS. This disruption in my normal day was not fun - hi, mom of two here.

By lunchtime, I was READY TO EAT. I didn't like the break between breakfast and lunch (Fiber Sweep only then), but the lunch was perfectly filling. Snack was good as was dinner. I was hungry before bed and had a bit of a headache, so I had half a banana (not on the plan, but at least it wasn't ice cream) and went to bed early.

You also shouldn't do a heavy workout on those days so I had to tame the exercise down. I like how I feel after a strong workout so I missed that feeling as well.

Another con was the bloating I felt on day two. My tummy felt puffy and full, and I hoped this would pass.


I had some friends frown at me doing what they called a "cleanse." This refresh is not that at all; you get to eat! You just eat healthy, whole, clean, good food. You are not eating your kids leftover snacks or sneaking in some late night chocolate. I think that was my favorite part - relearning great eating habits. To be honest, they are so simple, but for me, I needed that reminder. Now, instead of a shake + a veggie for lunch, I may add a quick protein (lettuce wrap or turkey wrap on Flat Out bread) and the same veggie. Way better than a bag of chips!

You also need to drink a lot of water to keep things going. For me, drinking water is not my strong point. I feel like I remembered the water more on the refresh, and again, this reminder was important as it encourages me to focus on my water intake.

I had read some reviews on the Fiber Sweep and its taste. It wasn't delish like the shakes, but it wasn't horrible. The Vanilla Fresh also tasted just like vanilla Shakeology to me so that was easy peasy!

The dinner recipes were so good! I love all the fresh veggie ones that I know will be used in our dinner rotation. That's what I think I will take away the most -  how the food I had on this plan can easily be incorporated into our everyday eating.

Of course, I am pleased with the weight loss, but I just FEEL better. Yes, it took a day or two to feel it all kick in, but when it did, it is so worth it. I feel like I was reset to keep going. I had hit a wall for a while, and I like that this refresh pushed me through that wall.

If you have questions about the refresh, reach out! I'm happy to help!

Now what's next? One habit the refresh encourages is your daily Shakeology. For these 3 days, I had it for breakfast. This breakfast idea was no different than any other day for me. My shakes are filling and delicious, and I want to share these treats with you.

From October 5-10, I'm holding a tasty challenge that I'd love you to join. You'll get 6 flavors of shakeology for you to try with 

My purpose is for you to try what so many rave about while on their health journey. Contact me or go HERE to get your sampler. During this week, I'll share my favorite recipes and encourage you to be the best you can be - no matter where you are on your journey.

Hope to talk soon! Have a great week, friends!

With Love,

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