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Summer Recipes

It's hot. So very, very hot. We like to do dinners out on Fridays, but lately, we've been sticking close to home and the pool. I save Fridays for my cheat meals and treats, and there is no other treat than a nice, cold beverage by the pool. Red wine is my favorite mommy drink, but with this Houston weather, I had to change it up a bit. 

My neighbor shared this recipe with me, and I have decided this Summer Sangria is my go-to in these hot summer months. In fact, it may be what I serve at someone's birthday bash in a couple of weeks. Add in this Sexy Ceviche, and you have yourself one crazy Friday night!

Summer Sangria

1.5 bottles of red wine (we used a Malbec)
2 c. of Fresca
2 c. of orange Juice
1/4 c. of brandy
1/2 c. triple sec
Sliced oranges and limes

Mix all together and chill until ready to serve. And here's a good tip - we didn't have brandy on hand so we substituted with apple juice. That combo worked perfectly too!

Sexy Ceviche

5 large tomatoes
1-2 jalapeno (seeded)
12 limes
1/2 garlic

1-2 Cilantro stalks
2.5-3 medium white onions
(HEB fans - you can purchase these veggies chopped up to save time - they have onion/cilantro packages or separate packages for each)

2 Tbl. garlic powder
2 Tbl. garlic salt
2 tsp. sea salt
2 Tbl. white wine vinegar

3 lbs of medium to extra large shrimp (peeled and deveined)

Finely chop all veggies. Mix in a large bowl with the squeezed limes  and vinegar. Add spices then set aside. 

Flash boil shrimp (barely let them cook/get pink) - about 2 minutes. Drain, rinse, cool, and chop the shrimp. Mix with the rest of the ingredients above and let it sit about 5-6 hours or overnight. You can add any white fish or crab meat as well. Dip with tortilla chips or add to your favorite fish dish!

Don't these treats sound delish?? Sweet summertime!

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