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Our Summer Vacation - Arkansas

We are back! Our summer vacay has concluded - back to the real world we go. I mentioned this  unplugged trip on the blog and how much I personally needed a recharge. And if you follow my posts on  Her View From Home, you saw just how I was feeling before we left. I needed to get away.

But, let's be real for a hot minute - traveling with kids is NO JOKE. The first leg of the trip took 6 hours when it should've taken 4. Potty breaks. Snack demands. He's-touching-me fights. Good thing the hubs and I have a sense of humor and that our destination was breathtaking.

Arkansas, thanks for the memories. The laughs. The escape from job stress. And even the craziness that toddler travels brings. We loved our summer vacation!

My husband, being the outdoorsman that he is, wanted to forgo the beach and try being one with nature. I obliged though you may have heard me scream from Texas when the little one handed me a minnow she thought was "sparkly." There were creatures galore, but the faces of my kids (and their no fear attitudes - whose kids are these??) were worth every minute.

Special thanks to my dad and my uncle - their great adventures fly fishing in Arkansas made us chose this place for our summer road trip. So sit back and enjoy some our Arkansas adventure!

What can you expect from Arkansas?


When this is your backyard for a week, you can't help but stare at God's wonder. This spot meant fishing for trout, throwing rocks, and catching those sparkly minnows.

It also meant memories for the kids.

First time fishing, first time tubing, first time on a lake. I conquered some fears and jumped in myself. I like seeing what's around me when I am swimming - unlike the hubs who caught a fish with his hands. HIS BARE HANDS. I'm married to Bear Grylls.

Arkansas also meant tranquility.

Being in a place where my dad, brother, and uncle have been gave me a sense of peace I haven't felt in a while. In fact, we had a friendly butterfly who loved to perch right on our heads, shoulders, and hands. At times, it was a bit pesky and persistent. This new friend reminded us of my brother - in fact, my son kept calling him Doug after my bro.

I liked those moments of peace.

Our little cabin in the woods was ideal. We played, we shared, we relaxed. I even read THREE whole books while I was there. Remember  my summer reading list? I conquered the whole thing (and for the record, I HIGHLY recommend  The Sea Keeper's Daughter).

We also ate at some great places while there -

Pecan Point Brewing Company - Refreshing margaritas after a long drive and exceptional eats.
Back Forty - The fried green beans and hamburgers. Wowzers.
Whispering Woods - OMGosh - the wild mushroom ravioli - I may drive back just for this dish.

Needless to say, clean eating returns this week.

If you are reading and you're from Arkansas, thank you for sharing this beautiful place with four crazy Texans. We enjoyed every second. Even the ten hour car ride home with a threenager and a car sick big brother.

If you are looking for a place to unwind and unplug, check out all the peace and joy Arkansas offers. Now back to reality...

Have a great week, friends! Thanks for joining in our Arkansas fun!

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