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Going Unplugged - Vacation Time

We are inching closer to our family vacay - a week away from work, stress, obligations, and technology. Yep, we are going unplugged. We leave this weekend, and while I wasn't so sure at first about the "limited cell phone service" in our lodging description, I feel more than ready now.

If you've been reading as of late, you know I've had some hard times - not to mention  my anxiety - so I am hoping this week away will remind us (really - me) of all our blessings. I am ready to get out of the city and just be still.

Recently, I wrote a piece for Her View From Home. I love the pieces here - some funny, some so raw and real - and how the writers share from their hearts. The month of June was a hard one for me - just the usual craziness but throw in some firsts, and it was extra rough. My brother's first Heavenly birthday and the first Father's Day without him. I wanted to put all of those feelings into words and release some of them from my shoulders. You can see my post HERE - share, comment, and/or pray if you are inclined.

After writing about my grief, I stumbled upon these words about the kindness of others when you are hurting. When others see/feel/understand your sorrow, it also can lessen the burden grief places on your world. In fact, after reading these words, I met someone who spoke to my heart and offered support after hearing of my brother's death. When others feel our sorrow, we feel lighter.

Image Via Positive Life Tips
I am going into our unplugged week hoping even more will lift as I spend this time with my family. Thank you all so much for reading my little blog and for your support. I can't wait to share a bit of our technology-free week when we return.

And for a fun, upbeat note - you can see more mama talk over at The Mighty Mamas. You may just see me sharing some candid moments from this motherhood fun!

See you soon, friends!


  1. We go to a lake in NH for a week every August and I so look forward to it each year. The sun and sand and water and family time...nothing like a week of unplugged relaxation! I hope you enjoy your trip, mama!

  2. I need some unplugged relaxation too! This was a great post. Thanks for sharing.


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