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Saying NO Without Guilt - For The Anxious Mama

Forgive me if this post is nothing but rambling and such, but oh the words are stuck and need out! This past week has been crazy - planning events, raising crazy cute kids, and living life. When you're anxious, even little things on your calendar can turn your world upside down.

And all the planning in my head just spins and spins. I am ready for a week without spinning.

My sweet friend, Kristy, just wrote a post on recharging, and I desperately need a week to do just that. And I am starting by saying no.

I want to say no to anything that takes up too much time - time away from my family or even time away from the self-care I desperately need as an anxious mama.

I want to say no to things that take up too much space in my mind - the silly things that cause my anxiety to swirl and take small events to catastrophic in no time flat.

I want to say no to social media comparisons and just do ME.

I want to say no to plans. All the plans. I want to please too many people too many times, so I am running in a thousand different directions. No plans means time to just be.

I want to say no to things that take me away from the blog. My little outlet and therapy for me. The place where I can throw up all the words that fill my head and ache to get out. I want to write, y'all. The reason I started my little space.

I want to say no to people who don't get me and never will. My time needs to be with those who love me despite my grief roller coaster; they love me despite my faults. They take my apologies when days are dark, and I am definitely not my best self.

I want to say no to this anger stage of grief. The stage that I have been stuck in and can't get out of even though I try. The anger AT my brother, FOR my brother, and WITH everyone who isn't in the muck with me. I hate this place. And, I want to say YES to my blessings more than my frustration.

I want to say no more than ever. We are only one person and can only do so much. If you've been reading since the beginning, you know I have a passion for mental health. A passion for MOMS who need to care for and nurture their hearts and their minds.

I encourage us to catch up this week and say no. Let's touch base soon and see how we do. I hope in a few weeks, I can say my mind has slowed down, my anger has lessened, and my heart feels full again.

Thank you for being on this journey with me. What will you say NO to this week?


  1. I was just talking to the hubby this week about a particular situation that I had to say "no" to. And I was feeling so guilty, because in my mind I can get all done and need to always "help" in everything. So he tells me "babe don't feel guilty there are other hands that will come through, God knows your heart. You just can't now". So I choose to say no to guilt, because I know where I stand. Thanks for this my friend!

  2. I love this so much, Sarah!! I need to write that quote down and remember it. What a wise hubby you have! Thank you so much for reading :) xoxoxo

  3. I too am having a "No" week. I have said yes to so many things lately that I feel drained and super grouchy. It is time for a slow down and a much needed breather! I hope you are enjoying yours.


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