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Easy Brownie Trifle

Thank you all for the love you showed me on my post about life lately. I wasn't expecting so much emotion to come AFTER publishing this post. I was overwhelmed by the messages and words to support my family. Thank you again.

We have been enjoying some comfort food lately, and this dessert is just perfection. Easy perfection. I brought it to a friend's for a potluck and made it again for a fun Valentine treat. I don't believe in deprivation - just everything in moderation :)

Short on time? Love all things chocolate? Make this sweet treat.


Your favorite brownie mix (oil, water, and eggs needed)
Large box of instant chocolate pudding (milk for mixing)
Cool whip (thawed)
Favorite dessert toppings (candy, caramel sauce, toffee bits, etc)


1. Make your brownies according to the package instructions. Once done and cooled, crumble brownies in a bowl (or cheat like I did and get store bought brownies - HEB mini brownie muffins are so good and perfect for this dessert).

2. Make the pudding according to the instructions and let set.

3. Find your favorite bowl - I vote for a glass one so you can see the layers, and people will ooh and aah over your creation. You can act so tired as though you've been baking all day. No one needs to know.

4. Begin your layers - brownies, pudding, Cool Whip, and repeat until your left with a top layer of that delish whipped cream.

5. Top with chocolate chips, Valentines candy, caramel sauce, or toffee bits - you can go crazy or leave it just plain and yummy.

I hope you all had a weekend full of LOVE. Shower your loved ones with this trifle soon - put it on your Easter menu. Sending you all chocolate-y love!


  1. I might make this for breakfast today 😉 ❤️

    1. I'll make it for you!! :) Calli is going to LOVE it.


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